2022 Wholality® Facilitator/Coach Training

Become a ‘Wholality®’ Coach
in 6 Months!

Expansive personal transformations & deep impact with clients


Start Date: End of May 2022

There are many coaching/facilitating programs out there but in each one something is missing.

Some programs teach you about the mind but are so technique and process driven they by-pass the deeper spiritual essence within.

Conversely, others are so focused on the spiritual aspect that they completely miss the practical elements that can ground and nourish clients in everyday life.

Other programs may have great content but none of the graduates can make a living as they were not taught anything about business and marketing.

Some programs can be very helpful, but exclude, or can be derogatory of other understandings and teachings, suggesting you have to just teach a specific thing in a specific way.

It can be very difficult to find a non-wildly expensive, well rounded program, that trains you in how the mind works, AND connects with the deep spiritual essence, AND gives you business training AND is inclusive and open to different understandings and teachings.

Well . . . As the name implies

'Wholality®’ is this program!

How the mind or psychology works
How to ignite a deep inner spiritual awareness
How to unite mind/body/spirit as one
How to earn a living as a coach
How to practically work with clients and groups

A Wholality® facilitator is seeing the ‘whole’ of their clients, the ‘whole’ of life’ and the whole nature of ALL that we are.

Fawn Miller,
Life, Fun, Purpose Coach

Listen to Fawn's experience

What is this training about and why is it unique?

This accredited and certified coach/facilitator training does not just train the mind, it is an expansion of consciousness that frees the mind! It allows deep embodiment of inner silence and energetic expansion, but also the skills to facilitate that to others and the business development to make a living from giving.

Tony Coleman,
NLP and Hypnotherapist

Listen to Tony's experience

Enrique Roman,
Clinical Psychotherapist

Listen to Enrique's experience

“After having completed so many other trainings, this Wholality seemed the most natural next step for me. Wholality® has taken me more deeply in my own looking and realizations beyond other explorations. I feel a wonderful connection to the energy of nature and the universe, and experience a beautiful more profound relationship with the consciousness we are. I found myself falling more in love with, as well as embracing, my whole ‘essence’ as a human, as a partner, and as a coach.”

Fiona Jacobs. Certified Master Transformative Coach, Certified Professional Supervisor. MBA, MSc

“This training has allowed me to speak to any population no matter what profession or region of consciousness the population is in. I can see how the three principles, non-duality and the law of attraction all fit into the Whole and how I no longer need to exclude anything. I can now go back into the world but talk to a wider community and be fully inclusive.”

Jacquie Moses. Public Speaker, Facilitator and Coach

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