Nine Month Online Training

Deepen and embody your understanding of the Three Principles


Learn to clearly and articulately share the Three Principles

What's It All About?

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The 2019 training is now full

Train with us in 2020!

The 2020 facilitator training will commence in mid January 2020 and will be time zone friendly between Europe and the east and west coast of America. We will be accepting a maximum of 16 people onto this training. To reserve your space in this training a non-refundable deposit of £450 is required.

The investment for the 2020 Online Facilitator Training will be £3495. An Early Bird Price of £2995. will be offered until Sept. 31st 2019. Contact us with your questions or go ahead and reserve your space and secure your early bird price offer  with your deposit today!

Training Description

The three principles online facilitator training will take a group of people on an nine month exportation into the nature of consciousness and the logic of how the human experience works.

The training does not necessarily teach you ‘how’ to share the principles but rather it uncovers a space within you in order to draw out your own unique gifts of sharing a profound understanding in your own words – in your own way.

The training will not be an ‘addition’ of principle based knowledge and terminology, but rather, a ‘subtraction’ of the beliefs and concepts that get in the way of expressing the essence of the principles.


Training Details

What Is Provided:
• Four weekend courses
• Monthly mentoring
• Monthly webinars
• Community forum
• Access to 150 hours of recorded courses
• Access to resources specifically around facilitating
• Certificate as a principle based facilitator

Who is This For:
This training is ideally suited to coaches, therapists, and specific business populations. As well as, for anyone who wishes to deepen their own understanding.
This training is about being human and resonating with an inner light to bring others home, to their heart.

2019 Facilitator Certification
Times & Dates Information

Attendee Outcomes:

We have been training people to become principle based facilitators for six years (previous company name, Innate Wellbeing). The outcomes attendees report are:

* Feeling confident when sharing the principles to groups and one to one clients.
* Embodying a deeper sense of personal wellbeing and peace of mind.
* Understanding the basics of starting a principle based business or advancing an existing one.
* Obtaining greater clarity on the nature of how the human experience actually works.
* Having the ability to talk about the three principles, even to family members, but maybe get their permission first!

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Testimonials Of Previous Attendees

Course Details

This course will have a number of different units that build on one another to complete the training.

Over 4 weekends we will meet as a group virtually. This allows you to access high quality training in the comfort of your own home. We will explore topics such as: how we work, why we feel the way we do, and how we experience life. 

You will have the opportunity to receive monthly mentoring from our trained facilitators. This is meant to give you individual attention to address your questions and help you maximize your training outcome.

As a registrant of the Facilitator Training Certification Program you will have full access to the monthly webinar events offered online on our main website at Innate Evolution at no additional cost.

Access to 150 hours of videos from previous in-person facilitator trainings with speakers such as: Dr Keith Belvens, and Dr Dicken Bettinger. Topics expand into business, and sports performance.

Access to video recordings that profile one to one client sessions, life leadership trainings, and resources about working with clients, talking to groups, growing and marketing your principle based business.

The best way to learn to facilitate is to actually do it! Graduate facilitators will be provided an opportunity to practice sharing their understanding publicly with others via the Innate Evolution platform.

Students who successfully attend the training units will be awarded a Facilitators Certificate

Attendee Testimonial

Hear what Sarah had to say about her experience.

Attendee Testimonial

Hear what Alan had to say about his experience.

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Attendees avoid costs related to expensive travel for air, rail, bus, or rental cars. Avoid time off work, costly hotel rooms, food, child-care, and more. Attending is affordable.

Attendees receive greater and more direct access to facilitators. Opportunities are available both individually and within the small virtual group. In contrast, attendees via lifestream are observers and not full participants.

Attendees benefit from group learning. Interactivity is encouraged as participates ask questions, share insights and enjoy personal relationships with on another.

Attendees are not restricted because of physical barriers or geographical locations. We accommodate various time zones.

Attendees report a comparable experience to in-person events. Effectiveness is not compromised and virtual trainings enable us to charge less to cover our overhead expenses.


We have successfully provided facilitator training for over six years and many attendees now ear a living sharing their understanding of the three principles.

Rudi Kennard, our lead facilitator studied with principles originator, Sydney Banks and pioneer Dr. Roger Mills. He has provided trainings world-wide in locations such as: Nepal. New Zealand, Russia, South America, USA and more.

We encourage and support our attendees to discover their own voice and present the best version of themselves, rather than be a carbon copy of any other teacher.

As a certified facilitator we provide information that equips attendees to explore three principles business-based opportunities.

We want to assist attendees to not just help free people from their own minds and align with a larger universal mind that they can access day to day.

2019 Facilitator Certification
Times & Dates Information

2020 Training Cost

Early Bird

Before September 31st 2019

One Time Payment – £2995
Non refundable deposit  £450 deposit

Regular Cost

After October – Jan 2020 

One Time Payment – £3495
Non refundable deposit £450 deposit

Attendee Testimonials

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