About Rudi

Rudi has worked with dozens of different populations, from Nepali earthquake survivors, prison inmates, to school children.

His free video resources have touched well over a million people.

In 1992 after intense suffering, I experienced a profound and spontaneous shift in consciousness that expanded my intuitive capacity and gave me a direct experience into a boundless presence behind life. In essence I found ‘home’ within.

I wanted to share this revelation with others but had no idea how! This led to studying numerous psychologies, philosophies, techniques and processes but if anything this took me further away from my original insight. I later trained with Sydney Banks and the Three Principles, but I did not find the answer to ‘How can I help others have a direct experience of unconditional inner freedom’ until I met Jules. Together, we co-created a unique and one-of-a-kind understanding known as ‘Wholality®’.

Our training academy is located in Hawaii From here we run retreats and offer courses that include swimming with dolphins, manta rays, trekking across the lava fields, and other really awesome stuff!

If you would like to work with me the investment is $195 per session or five sessions for $895.
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What Others Have Experienced

“Rudi is a truly tremendous teacher. He exudes compassion, joy, wisdom and such heart, it blows me away. He is a true space of love for us all."
Lindsay Krabbendam
“I had a one to one with Rudi. I can honestly say that I have never had such a profound experience! Like no other for sure, before or since!”
Paul Dean
“Witnessing other peopleʼs lives literally transform and transform in the absolute sense of it has been utterly amazing.”
Lian Brook Tyler
“I have gone from burn out and exhaustion to creating my own practice! I didn't believed it was possible for me to feel so alive!"
Ann Ross
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