October 27th - 30th 2018
Online Conference



…from the 2017 ONLINE conference

Some really key insights, that have really blown my way of understanding the principles apart (in a good way)! It gives a wide selection of presenters, view points, personalities... I think it would fit anyone of any level.
Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK
Alan Ross
Big shift in personal understanding”. A huge amount of love and guidance on working with the principles to others and I felt a sense of oneness and freedom.
Laura Duffield, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK
Laura Duffield
I love the flexibility to come and go around daily life...economical as opposed to long journey and hotel costs. I Got several insights which gives me more clarity and grounding to share without talking about sharing the feeling.
Barry Shaw, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK
Barry Shaw
My understanding of the principles really shifted. For me, seeing the diagram with only one side (where experience actually comes from), was so powerful. Phenomenally powerful! I am really enjoying catching up on sessions I missed live, and I will listen to some of the ones I saw again, because there is such a variety of speakers that you can hear the same 'message' differently. I'd definitely recommend it; personally, my understanding of the principles deepened significantly, for which I'm very grateful. It was a fabulous experience! Thank you.
Annie Roberts, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK
Annie Roberts
I like was the fact that recordings were quickly available for sessions that could not be attended live. A deeper understanding of the principles. Lots of little "aha" moments. This will help me to share with greater clarity..
Martin Reed, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK
Martin Reed
I deepened my understanding of the principles how we are all interconnected in the oneness of life, and thought is passing through. It always brings us back to inner Wellbeing, health and resilience (bounce back). I think it was wonderful and I had again a lot of insights.There where a lot of lovely speakers explaining the understanding of the logic of our mind and finding our way back to inner resilience in such a wonderful way. I got a lot out of it.
Paola Royal, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK
Paola Royal
Amongst other insights, a deeper (if simpler) understanding of Resilience: That it's what we all have within us to make the best of our circumstances and lives at the moment. It filled me up with compassion - for myself and others.
Josephine Ho, Innate Evolution, UK
Josephine Ho
I saw the principles very clearly and experienced a number of insights as I engaged with the sessions. An invaluable experience
Shirley Climpson, Innate Evolution, UK
Shirley Climpson
It offers an accessible forum to have access to a great range of speakers focussed on the principles. Attendance is flexible because you can attend some sessions live and watch others on catch up, and you can review the recordings
Tess Christy, Innate Evolution, UK
Tess Christy
Definitely recommend it. Excellent value for money, educational, plenty to choose from, attend live or listen to recordings so very flexible, option to ask questions and interact is hugely valuable, seeing speakers on video is a plus.I personally learned a lot from listening to Tanya and Rudi explaining the logic behind the principles at the beginning. I loved the clear, practical explanations.
Sheela Masand, Innate Evolution, UK
Sheela Masand
I felt a camaraderie with all the other attendees, as we were all 'helping' to get the documentary made. It was a form of renewal of my faith in the 3P's helping everybody.
Gavin Underwood, Innate Evolution, UK
Gavin Underwood
The whole programme was so full of information and so many subjects. The speakers were the best. The energy and love felt was beautiful. It was like being in the same room as each other. Totally mind blowing literally.” Many personal insights and it also cleared up so much misunderstanding about the principles.
Pat Cole, Innate Evolution, UK
Pat Cole

...and more testimonials

Amazing experience, loved the variety of speakers and their stories.
Jared Davies
I loved the clear and practical explanations of the principles. I would recommend it because there were a wide range of excellent speakers who really explored the profound implications of the 3 principles in different aspects of life. I gained greater appreciation of the power of this understanding
Zia Brooks
Head Of Sales , Intel
'For anyone interested in the 3 Principles, it is very useful to continue learning, hearing about other perspectives and groundings
Stephanie Wood
I would recommend the conference to others for the sheer knowledge and different perspective given by the speakers.
Kenneth Yarde
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