Facilitating/coaching from the essence

Facilitating/coaching from the essence

This is a recording of our Free Webinar of October 22, 2020. – Innate Evolution In the community many belief-created concepts about the principles are being taught- these innocently create division, judgement and put more on ones mind. This webinar will go home, back to the heart of facilitating/coaching the understanding; to a space of simplicity, unification and love.

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5 thoughts on “Facilitating/coaching from the essence”

  1. I only got to watch the first 5 minutes of this video, and when I tried to watch again, it said the video has been deleted. Will this be uploaded again please?

  2. Hello Jueles and Rudi, Thank you for an amazing, clear, inspiring presentation! I have studied Seth channeled by Jane Roberts for over two decades and was so inspired reading Michael Neil’s book “The Inside Out Revolution” and later Sid’s books! I was happy and grateful to find out about this work transforming people’s lives in many simpler ways! I took some little classes with Michael.


I SO agree with everything you shared! In fact, I was in tears a couple of times, so overwhelmed with Joy to hear you share this important information! Coming from this place where you are “inspired” what to share, instead of “thinking about what to say.” This provides you the Freedom to know you will always be prepared, regardless if you are in a car speaking to a friend who asks you a question, on stage, or talking to a stranger on the street. That “Wholeness” can speak through you from that place of Unconditional Love in a voice anyone can hear, because… that Energy KNOWS all about “who you are engaging with” more intimately than you could ever understand. 🙂 IT will express itself through you in way that embraces the utter Uniqueness of everyone you engage with, even if it’s a room full of people!


Thank you again and may you continue to remind others about who they really are. As I remind my friends…. “Everywhere I go, there I am, within a human body overflowing with its own unique thoughts, on its own unique journey in life. Each of us Precious and Special when we look through those eyes of All That Is and into another, we find the Oneness we all share. Celebrating Love’s Magic, Morgine Jurdan

    1. Dear Morgine,
      What a beautiful heartfelt message. Thank yo so much from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking the time to write such beautiful words.
      They have touched us deeply,
      Jules and Rudi

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