The Oneness of Life, Love and The Human Experience

The Oneness of Life, Love and The Human Experience

We had a beautiful call with Rudi & Jules Kennard. A few things that showed up: *How measuring spirituality doesn’t get you closer to spirituality *Jules personal story of pain & struggle and how the oneness of life and the Three Principles allowed her to heal *Why the cyclical nature of life mimics our humanness and spirituality. *How to help someone who is hurting emotionally. *And so much more. As I mentioned on the call, the feeling of this conversation reminds me of the first few times when I got a glimpse of the Three Principles. It was profoundly simple with little words but full of love. I’ll think you’ll agree. To find out more about what Rudi & Jules have going on please visit their site at Thanks for watching and for joining us for those that were on the call! You can join my list at for any upcoming calls.

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