Wholality® Facilitator Training 5: Facilitating Wholeness in Others

Overview of facilitating the wholeness

What is Wholality anyway?

Wholality and ‘Psychology’

Wholality and the ‘Three Principles’ Part 1

Wholality and the ‘Three Principles’ Part 2

Wholality and ‘Non-Duality’ Part 1

Wholality and the ‘Law Of Attraction’

‘Wholalitizing’ All understandings

Finding your ‘region’ of teaching

The five fundamentals of coaching

Sharing the wholeness of being

Whole language

Why we don’t say: ‘There is no you.’

Why we don’t say: ‘Who you truly are.’

Styles of facilitating

How to get a group interaction

Using stories to open the heart

Using contemplations and meditations

Five points in one teaching

Blocks to sharing from your intuitive essence

Entrainment and the energetics of coaching

Why create a curriculum?

How to create a curriculum example

The ‘Triangle of Consciousness!’

Recording of live curriculum creating

The elevator speech

No failure just feedback

Talking to teachers and students

The essence of facilitating

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