Episode 1 Getting over worry

Episode 1 Getting over worry

Short snippet of weekly inspiration from the ‘Friday Night Live’ series. This week we look at worry, and understanding something that allows us to worry less!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 1 Getting over worry”

  1. I love these videos( not watching in order!) They are simply delivered but poignant. They are perfect for me who has done a couple of courses but gets overwhelmed by the next stages of nothing being real, all thoughts are lies etc. Thank you! How about a video on Not Sleeping and Expectations others have of us and we have of ourselves..

    1. Hi Mary!!! Thank you so much for your comment! We just released a video specific to other’s expectations of us in honor of your request and have “not sleeping” on our list! We want to thank you for your comment and request! We are all in this journey together Mary. Thank you again!

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