Episode 4 Dealing with difficult peope

Episode 4 Dealing with difficult peope

Short snippet of weekly inspiration from the ‘Friday Night Live’ series. This week we look at navigating ‘difficult’ people or relationships and how to uncover more ease

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2 thoughts on “Episode 4 Dealing with difficult peope”

  1. Bridget Hickey-Williams

    Seriously moving , really wonderful as this comes just after I have read and pondered on Richard Rohr’s todays email/contemplation on ‘the spark within all of us’ that means these sometimes crazy guys I live with who are struggling with addiction to drugs’recovering in the beautiful hom we share,so thanks for sharing and blessings on your work

    1. Thank you so much Bridget! It is an honor to be sharing this with you!!! If you feel that this may help anyone, please feel free to share it with them. Thank you again Bridget!!

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