Finding and Following a Life Purpose

This talk will be a radical re-think of the idea of a life-purpose and will help us go beyond concepts of what we ‘think’ we should be doing to falling into the heart of life.

“When we feel inspired and moved to do what we love doing we drop the ‘purpose’ of life and just live with purpose.”
~Rudi Kennard

Many of believe we are here for a reason and we need to find our reason, or life purpose, to be happy and to do what we are meant to do. Many of us feel we are not following our life purpose and feel self judgemental or ‘out of alignment’ with what we feel we ‘should’ be doing. Others have no idea what their life purpose is or how to find or follow it.

This talk will be a radical re-think of the idea of a life-purpose. It will help us go beyond concepts of what we ‘think’ we should be doing, to falling into the heart of life. This lets life guide us into what we love doing, not because we think we should be doing it, but be cause we love doing it!

It will aim to clear a mental fog of ‘should’’ and ‘shouldn’t’ to pierce beyond concepts back to the quiet whispering of consciousness, back to the garden of what we love doing and doing more of that.

Here is what you’ll walk away with:

  • The event offers a radical re-think of ‘life-purpose’
  • Find what we love so we live a life with purpose
  • Connect to the quiet voice within
  • Drop negative blocks around ‘life-purpose’
  • Live a life of purpose

December 8


Virtual Event

UK: 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM
PST: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
EST: 11:30 PM – 3:30 PM
HST: 5:30 AM – 9:30 AM

"By seeing the one truth, thats always true in any given moment opens the door to magic. There is nothing else i need now."
Amanda Groom

Program Facilitators

We are a married couple who’s dream is to help alleviate human suffering and expand personal and global consciousness.

I (Rudi) used to beat myself up and feel unsuccessful because I was not ‘living my life purpose’. It was only when I stopped the search and self judgement that a purpose in life found me and it has been inspiring me ever since.

Rudi is an International facilitator has spoken in over a dozen countries and served over fifteen different populations from executives to the homeless. The free media he co-created took two years full time voluntary work and has now touched over a million people.

Jules had a spontaneous and extreme shift in consciousness after a number of tragic accidents, with this shift Jules navigated the death of her teenage daughter with resilience and love. She now works tirelessly to help others find peace of mind no matter the circumstance.

We (Rudi and Jules) work together and collaborate with other leaders in consciousness and human evolution to bring into this world more tolerance, balance and love.

Rudi Kennard

Jules Kennard

Why Join Our Course?

Our trainings and free content have now touched over a million people. We have seen that often even a day or weekend event can resolve lifelong personal issues (anxiety, low moods, insecurity, phobias etc) and also uncover a completely new dimension of life enrichment and consciousness expansion beyond the ʻpersonalʼ back home to the heart of life: Love.

What Others Have Said...

Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients and their experiences with this understanding.

"Life before was horrible, and hard like a fight. I had very little money and an autistic sone who needed a lot of help. Then I went on on their event, and I know this sounds corny, and incredibly far fetched, but I now feel like I live in a constant state of grace. Our family home now feels like heaven, and still does, now two years after the event!"
Sarah Beavers
"Jules has a kind of compassion unlike anyone i know. she is a real and true guardian angel walking among us. Jules has the ability to listen to another's heart and resonate with another almost like a clean mirror, and she shines her love so humbly and so immensely that there is natural transformation."
Dana Premanandi Scanlan
"I was off work for months with fatigue, then after the course went back to work within two weeks. I experienced complete stillness in my mind (from the switch being turned off to my washing machine head), and experienced insights which have lead me to burst into tears at how wonderful life can be in the moment."
Angi Greneski
"I personally love the spiritual side of life and how it flows through all of us. Jules really brings that side of this understanding to life and makes things seem so much clearer and easier to get your head around."
Paul Ibiza
"I had suffered thirty years with social anxiety, now (after the training) it has either gone, or has been greatly reduced! This has removed 80% of the thoughts that used to be whirring around in my head!"
Alan Smith
"There is no person I know that has this power, this gift. Jules has guided me to reach out for the impossible. To accept the power I have within. If you have a chance to look into her eyes, you will see her soul. But the gift is she will also show you yours."
Mary Jobes
"My twenty four years of agoraphobia just disappeared within the weekend course with Jules and Rudi."
Su Turner
"Rudi has made an elusive teaching tangible, to experience it as an embodied learning and how to find your own voice to articulate it’s impact."
Beth Soderstrom

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions that are asked about our training and events.

If you have never attended a live webinar before, it’s really easy! Once you sign up you will be sent an automatic email with a Link to join us. All you do is click the link at the specified time on the right day and you are in! We are also available for any technical help you may need (our email information and phone number will be in the email you get once you sign up).

No problem! You are welcome to attend one of the days and after the event anyone that signs up will be sent the video and audio recordings from all four modules.
Yes! There will be time to ask questions and connect with us and the other attendees. You are welcome to attend live and not be seen or heard, or do the reverse, it is top to you!
Yes! After the weekend finishes we will send you the video recording, and the audio taken from the video.
You will be sent an automatic email with information about the course, timings of each module in your time zone and a link and instructions on how to join, you will also receive details about how you can contact us if you have any questions. Then at the allotted time and date, just click the link and you will join us live on-line!

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