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The three principles and non-duality (Sept 19th)

Bringing unity and love back to the conversation

This FREE webinar will explore the ‘teaching’ of the three principles and the ‘teaching’ on non-duality and aims to create a space before the teachings that unifies and brings a universal love back to the conversation.

Is there no me?

Is there no human experience?

Is everything one?

How do non-duality and the three principles mix or don’t they?

I (Rudi) have had enormous benefit from exploring non-duality and have also spent 16 years learning the three principles. Insights myself and my wife Jules have been having has united the illusionary gap between both teachings to one unified and simple experience.

People we have spoken to about this unification have often ended their search or confusion over both teachings, so we wanted to do a webinar specifically on this, and welcome any questions.

Please enter your email address above and we will email you before the webinar starts with all the details. We look forward to connecting and exploring with you!

Love and light,

Rudi and Jules (fellow explorers of life)

P.S. Here is a video we made a while ago, enjoy!


Sept 19th, 2019

U.K.: 7.30 PM – 8.40 PM
EST: 2.30 PM – 3.40 PM
PST: 11.30 AM – 12.40 PM
HST: 8.30 AM – 9.40 AM


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