Love: The Unbelievable Lightness Of Being

3 Webinar Series

Feb. 12th, 19th, 26th, 2019
7 Pm UK / 2 PM EST/ 11 AM PST

Join Us For A Heartfelt Series On Love

Unconditional love is a state of being that heals trauma, relationships, eases the mind and can transform a fractured, difficult life, into one of flow, ease and magic. But what is ‘love’ and how do we get in alignment with this source more consistently in our everyday practical life?

This webinar series ‘re-thinks’ what love is. It is not what we ‘think’ it is, and certainly it can manifest in ways that do not appear ‘loving’. We go beyond love as an idea or a construct to a deeper realisation, a deeper more universal power that allows us to elevate above what has happened, or what is now happening to see a broader view and live more in love – a life well lived.

Innate Evolution Love Webinar

This profoundly life changing webinar series will be presented by
Rudi Kennard & Jules Del Cano-Milstead

Rudi Kennard, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK

At the age of twenty Rudi experienced a profound shift in consciousness, that opened the door to experiencing a broader bandwidth of reality leading to spontaneous experiences of seeing and flowing energy and sensitivity to a wider range of experiences. Rudi will be talking about how we have a much greater potential than we ‘think’ we have, and how to access this altered state of consciousness to live a profoundly ‘ordinary’ Life.

Jules, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK

After experiences of extreme loss, Jules had an epiphany that changed her beyond measure and catapulted her into a space of consciousness she didn’t think was possible. This naturally opened up a doorway to a deeper potential behind life, and love was the state of being that carried her through life, a life so much bigger and broader than she thought possible. Jules will be sharing how the impossible is possible.

This webinar series will broaden your understanding of love and help you align with your potential to let go of the past and unfold your natural state of living in a space of love.

Webinar 1:

The principles behind love
Realising love from a deeper order of potential
Going beyond personal to universal love
Stories on love

Webinar 2:

How to be in a more consistently loving place
Loving through hurt, blame and guilt
Letting go of what keeps us from feeling love

Webinar 3:

Inspiration versus motivation
Broadening our bandwidth of perception
Innate powers of ‘being’
Augmenting these innate gifts to be of service to others.

Topic Covered:

  • Forgiveness
  • Stop fighting reality!
  • Letting go and letting a deeper resource help
  • Love has teeth!
  • Uncovering more self-love
  • Understanding how life works
  • Love: The mind quieter

What You receive:

  • Access to three live webinars
  • Recordings of three webinars
  • Audio mp3 files of three webinars


Feb. 2019
12th, 19th, 26th.


zoom link is provided upon purchase


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