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May 30: Rudi Kennard: Why I no longer teach the Three Principles

This deep and authentic FREE webinar will be straight from Rudi’s heart about why he has stepped back from teaching the Three Principles.
Many of you may know that for the past 20 years, Rudi has been a prolific 3P Teacher. He originally trained with originator Sydney Banks and Pioneer Dr. Roger Mills and voluntarily co-created a site called ‘Three Principles Movies’ that disseminated the teaching of the 3ps – that has earned millions of views worldwide.
This very ‘real’ and a possibly controversial webinar is available to anyone. Your questions and comments are welcome during the session.

Duration: 50 Minutes


June 6: Wholality® Facilitator Training: Everything you need to know

We have had a lot of interest in our 2022 Wholality® Facilitator Training (Which starts mid-June). This webinar will be specifically for people who are interested in the six-month program into our wholeness of being and would like to find out more. This webinar will go over the program with time for questions and answers. In a nutshell:

Daily embodiment resources
Hang with us in Hawaii!
Monthly embodiment mentoring
Monthly business mentoring
Insight based peer hangouts
Expand your intuitive sensitivity
Ignite your clients’ expansion of consciousness
Embody that which you teach: The wholeness within.

Duration: 60 Minutes


June 13: Deeper into facilitating/coaching from the ‘hidden dimension.’

After running the free ‘facilitating the hidden dimension in helping others’ webinar, we had such an interest that the attendees voted to go deeper into this topic!

What’s it about? How one’s resonance/feeling or energetic, heartfelt presence can literally expand other people’s consciousness before and even without words! We look into the science of how this is possible and the embodiment within that allows this non-physical expansion to happen. This is the missing link in working with others and opens up a profound field of intuitive sensitivity that has genuine life benefits for our clients, family, and relationships.

If you were not on the first webinar, it is super important that you watch it BEFORE joining this webinar. You can view it in our FREE members’ area: in the ‘webinar’ section.

Duration: 45 Minutes

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