An honest personal message from Rudi: Please read

An honest and personal message from Rudi: Please read. . . 

Hi all! I want to be honest with you all. I (Rudi) do not like ‘selling’ anything to you all. I want to just give you all free videos and offer courses via donation. In fact I did this for most of my early three principles life. I want to tell you what happened. In 2010 For the first time in three principle history anyone, anywhere in the world got access to 3p resources via all the free content I co-created. I personally put in two years full time voluntary work- it changed the 3p field- however it also left me burnt out and bankrupt. People loved the content but very few donated towards it.

You can’t pour from an empty cup . . .

You can’t give from an empty cup- and you can’t continuously give to others if you are not receiving something back yourself- it’s just not logical.

So you may now see me ‘selling’ this or that course but for mine and Jules’s company to continue to give stuff to you guys for free we need to earn something back. Since 2018- present day, Jules I have spent in the region of ten full time months voluntarily creating free content for the community,  including new facilitator Interviews, a free 12 part animated series – thirty free short cinematic and topical ‘Friday Night Live’ series  – free content on the ‘IETV Channel’  and weeks of work helping our web designer re-locate the old free  3P Movies resources 

So why am I saying all of this? 

I am not saying this to tell you about all the stuff our company does for free for the community. Many people give a lot of free stuff and time away it is not just us. I am staying this as we are not funded and we manage to do all this (thats almost a years voluntary work within the last 2 years alone) BECAUSE we charge for others stuff that we do. If we didn’t we would be back to being burnout and bankrupt again.

What I have learn’t . . . .

In all my ‘giving away’ free stuff I have allowed myself to be taken advantage of by giving to certain people and organizations in the three principles field with no energy coming back my way from them. I am not as altruistic as I once thought I was, nor as wise as I thought I was. In fact I often surprise myself with my own humanness. I am not a wise enlightened leader, I am just a simple guy doing the best he can. I have learnt a lot of lessons on the way, the main two is 1)  We do not collaborate with anyone unless there is an equal exchange of energy and 2) We need to sell stuff to get paid so we can keep doing voluntary stuff!- simple right? Well that took me till I was 48 years old to work out.

Anyway, I just wanted to say to you all that myself and Jules love you. we respect you and we want the best for you all, anyone paying for anything we do is actually allowing us to keep doing voluntary stuff for the community and we appreciate it. We require no ‘well done’s’ or to be acknowledged by any 3p body, we are not doing it to get a pat on the back,  we are doing it all because it feels the right thing to do- not for the three principles community but for just people. Myself and Jules have experienced terrible suffering in our past and if only one person gets relief everything we have don or are doing will be worth it.

So here is something we are offering that we do charge for and, last years training allowed us to do five months voluntary work in that year. TODAY is the last day of our amazing ‘expanded’ three principles facilitator training early bird. We are not ‘selling’ this we are giving you information and anyone that joins us–it will change your life- as it has all our 2020 student lives.  You can find out about it HERE and for the paying people- from our heart to yours thank you for helping us support so many others.

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