Episode 4: Dealing with difficult people

Episode 4: Dealing with difficult people

Short snippet of weekly inspiration from the ‘Friday Night Live’ series. This week we look at navigating ‘difficult’ people or relationships and how to uncover more ease #wellbeing #wellness #health #selfcare #fitness #mindfulness #mentalhealth #meditation #healthy #selflove #love #healthylifestyle #healing #happiness #lifestyle #mentalhealthawareness #natural #therapy #healthyliving #motivation #holistic #life #gratitude #positivity #anxiety #support #bhfyp #innateintelligence #fridaynightlive #innateevolution

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2 thoughts on “Episode 4: Dealing with difficult people”

  1. I understand and appreciate that negative comments people make are not really about me but about what is going on in their thoughts. Being kind to people when they are physically injured comes much easier to me than being kind to people who are in emotional pain and being difficult.

    You have brought up before that people are often in our lives for just a season. When someone is consistently difficult even when you are trying to respond to them with love, how do you decide if your season with that person is over?

    1. Hello Beautiful Lynne! …. Excellent question! I have faced this many times in my life… deciding when the season is over? This, only I could know what feels right for me… Only I could commune with my own intuitive essence and know how to move forward embracing my own inner-health. This is what I say to you. Only you know my beautiful friend. Sometimes when we sit quietly, … we realize we have always known.

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