How to create amazing content

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This course is for you If you want to earn a living from what you love doing.

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monetized your website and attracts clients

If you want to earn a living from what you love doing, then you have to be able to know how to take your ideas and put them into forms of content.
Blogs, videos, podcasts, and websites.
Your content is your formless heartfelt inspiration put into a physical form.

This course is for people with no technical expertise, and for people with some technical knowledge who wish to expand and develop their existing business.

We understand that many people have very little or no technical expertise, so we provide simple, technophobe-friendly step-by-step tutorials on how to create content for business promotion. 

Learn how to create a monetized website to attract clients. This course provides advice on using programs and tech, on a budget, to help you earn a residual income. will learn

How to get professional video quality on a budget
How to get professional audio quality on a budget
How to create video blogs, intros and promos
How to create and market podcasts and blogs
How to monetize your website
How to automate your bookings and courses
How to copyright your website (words and language)
How to use Zoom webinars for courses and one to ones
How to attract people to your website


Video & Audio


200 Minutes



a bit about the trainers

Based in Hawaii, Rudi and Jules are the originators of ‘Wholality®’ and authors of the book’ Wholality®: The Missing Link to Love’. They run an accredited training academy and between them have given trainings in over a dozen countries to Government Departments, Universities, Fortune 100 companies, Centers for Domestic Violence, the U.K. National Health Service and their free resources have reached over a million people. After their own direct ‘expanded’ experiences of consciousness they now help others find home within.


Debbi Milam
Author and international speaker

What a joyful, fulfilling journey!

Within a year of finishing the training I had the confidence and grounding to become the ‘Curriculum Director’ of the ‘Wise Mind Project’ and my team went out and touched 1400 children and 75 teachers. I recorded a comprehensive online video program for the public broadcasting network. The training I experienced with Rudi and Jules enabled me to reach beyond my personal limitations and create from the infinite source of divine intelligence. 

Essi Herman

Now, I feel confident

I was so bad at the technical side of the business and actually afraid of it all! Then coming on the training I learned step by step what I needed to run a business and now actually enjoy it! I feel confident to put myself out there and confident in my ability to help others.

Rachel Jewel
Author & Coach

I wrote a book and do podcasts

My business was just thoughts in my head and what being on the course has enabled me do is actually do it for real! The training has now given me the confidence to write a book, do podcasts and get myself ‘out there’!

Lindsay Elliot
Coach & Healer

Increase in my income

Within a year of finishing the training I saw an uplift in my income, and I attracted more clients. The practical business support & knowledge in this training has now helped me earn a living from something I love doing!


Video & Audio


200 Minutes



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