Rudi: Why I No Longer Share The Three Principles But Wholality® Instead

Rudi: Why I No Longer Share The Three Principles But Wholality® Instead


As some of you may know I have been a prolific Three Principles teacher for nearly twenty years, trained with Sydney Banks and Dr Roger Mills. The free principle-based resources I co-created with my previous partner has now had over two million views and I have been training coaches/facilitators in the Three Principles for over 10 years.

So why have I stopped teaching the Three Principles or this ‘Inside-Out’ understanding? This video recording of a live webinar answers this question, in a heart-felt, honest and hopefully respectful way.

NOTE: After the webinar we got countless private messages of love, support and agreement from people who were too frightened to speak out for fear of judgement. It is my pleasure to voice many of your concerns and hurts. The answer is always compassion- tolerance- embracing diversity- and the recognition that the Three Principles is A way towards going home within not THE way for everyone.

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5 thoughts on “Rudi: Why I No Longer Share The Three Principles But Wholality® Instead”

  1. Love you Rudi and Jules. Thank-you for your KINDNESS and UNCONDITIONAL GENEROSITY over the years. Rudi… Your wonderful “Three Principles Movies” made a huge difference in my research and clinical practice. Three cheers for WHOLALITY! Tom Kelley
    “A teacher can only lead you so far and hope that you will have courage to pause and look within and find that wisdom already present in your own consciousness. That wisdom, will then lead you to love, understanding, and contentment—to peace, harmony, and healing of your distress.” Jonathan Marshall, author of Three Principles of Psychology.

    1. Hi Tom! Thanks for your kind words! I have had a deep respect for all the research and work you have done over the years to help others and make the understanding go more mainstream. We appreciate your comment and the quote- all the best to you Tom!

  2. Great webinar, thank you!
    A long time ago I heard someone say the wise words: ‘The buddha was not a buddhist’.
    Seems to be an eternal truth, certainly inspired by Thought 🙂
    Kind regards from Bruges,

  3. Thank you for this heart-opening message. It resonates with me so much. Since I have qualified from your training in 2020, I feel empowered to dance with the unknown …and my latest “baby” is a wholehartedly invitation for the French speaking community to explore who we are and what is. I called this journey the “B-attitude” (the words are naturally playing with me in French and guess what: the “Béatitude” is a state of utmost bliss 😉 ) When our heart is allowed to speak up, our head cannot believe its eyes ! Thank you once more for being who you are.

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