3 Principle Talks

Talks on the three principles from all over the world by numerous facilitators

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3 Principles and Business

3 Principles Unplugged

Mental Health

You Are Enough

Our True Essence

Resilience: A panel discussion

Viva Event 2015 Q&A

Gabriela Maldonado Presentation: Viva 2015

It takes no effort to be you.

Viva Event: Business Talk 5

Viva Event: Business Talk 3

Viva Event: Business Talk 2

Viva Event: Business Talk 1

3 Principles and Business

Viva Event : Relationships Talk 5

Viva Event : Relationships Talk 4

Viva Event : Relationships Talk 3

Viva Event : Relationships Talk 2

Viva Event : Relationships Talk 1

Viva Event: Wellbeing Talk 5

Viva Event: Wellbeing Talk 4

Viva Event: Wellbeing Talk 3

Viva Event: Wellbeing Talk 2

Viva Event: Wellbeing Talk 1

The Search is Over – Unless It’s Not!

Part 4: The key to a healthy divorce

Part 3: The key to a healthy divorce

Part 2: The key to a healthy divorce

Part 1: The key to a healthy divorce

Change Without Trying

Community: Dr. Roger Mills

Community and Educational Development

Part 6: Stop the search!

Part 5: Universal Mind

Part 4: Facilitating the Principles

Part 3: Learning the Principles

Part 2: Applying the Principles

Part 1: Teaching the Principles

-Part 3: Freedom and the formless

Part 2: Freedom and the formless

Part 1: Freedom and the formless

Illusions: Life doesn’t work the way you ‘think’ it works!

Part 2: Joe and Rudi in Conversation

Part 1: Joe and Rudi in Conversation

Part 3: The End to Stress

Part 2: The End to Stress

Part 1: The End to Stress

Part 2: Psychiatry and the three principles

Part 1: Psychiatry and the three principles

Putting Stress Behind Us

Part 2: Science and spirituality

Part 1: Science and spirituality

The Three Principles as a Basis for Coaching

Joey Story: How children can transform


Illusion of Thought

The Hammer of Thought

The Trick of Life

Waking Up to Your Wellbeing

Mental Health Recovery

The principles in practice for therapists

Prison gangs transformation

A new framework for mental wellbeing

Escaping the prison of my thinking

From trauma to peace

Mental health, never lost, only obscured

Community transformation

Healing from war

Creation and destruction- One force

Bungies and mental static!

Resistance to change: Rudi and Jules Kennard

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