A story of resilience

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10 thoughts on “A story of resilience”

  1. Jules you told me it is an honor to know me. My dear it is such an honor to love you. Your courage, insights, and most of all love for your children, Rudi and everyone in our world is so evident. I know you and Rudi were meant to be on my journey forever. I will always love you both…

    Barefoot Lynne & Simba

    1. Thank you so much Lynne! It is an honor to know you and have you join us on our journey and us on yours. You are a beautiful soul, thank you for being you. I cannot wait to see you again on our webinars my friend and maybe even in person some day. Much love to you! Jules

    1. Hi Ian! Thank you so much for your comment and for watching. I hope to share this story not for the story itself, but to inspire and ignite the resilience that resides in us all. It is always there… never leaves us… we just sometimes over look it. Thank you Ian.

      1. This is one of the most moving things i have ever watched. Thank you for sharing you journey. It is inspirational and i am so glad you found Rudi! Huge hugs and love xx

      2. Thank you Jules for sharing your amazing story of courage and strength, and reminding me that we are able cope with life experiences with love and our inborn resilience. Irene.

        1. Hello Irene!
          Yes! beautiful!
          Sharing helps ignite the already present resilience with in us all!
          Thank you so much!

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