Non duality: Ironically two in one! :)

Non duality: Ironically two in one! :)

Rudi and Jules Kennard from talk about ‘individuation’ as a way of simply understanding reality and ‘non-duality’ and ‘duality’ in one.

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2 thoughts on “Non duality: Ironically two in one! :)”

  1. Tony DeVillier

    Wow! That resonates with me too, Rudi and Jules. Thanks for exploring and sharing.
    What do I want to create? I’ve been pondering that question a while. What has bubbled up lately has to do with reinventing education systems. Pointing to the great misunderstanding of how the mind works and where our experience comes from, I am exploring this with conversations about what is universally true. I work at a community college and have been building a relationship with the interim chancellor (head of college) for a while. Now have an appointment scheduled with him next week to explore this vision. A new Chancellor is arriving on July 1, so it may involve / evolve to working at other colleges. Don’t know and it doesn’t matter. Consciousness is evolving and I am grateful to be alive.

    Rudy & Jules, I have nothing on it… no expectations, only what I see forming within me. I am clear and open to creating something new with circles of support, facilitating the sharing and insightful learning that will happen. Grateful to be awake much of the time, I am growing in the simplicity of playing the games of life. Thank you for sharing your leadership and support.
    Enjoy being you moment to moment. :o)

    1. Thank you so much Tony!!! Thank you for your words and so look forward to seeing you again on our upcoming monthly webinars!!!

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