Personal message from Rudi and Jules

Personal message from Rudi and Jules

The last year. . .

Within the last year we have collapsed a previous business (Innate wellbeing) Launched a new one (Innate Evolution), moved countries, got married, and spend about two months full-time voluntary work creating free media including bunch of new videos for the site (now hosted on Innate Evolution). These are being released very soon!

Message from Rudi

I (Rudi) have stepped back from the 3P community over the last year to fully find my own voice and way of articulating the understanding. I have got so much from listening to lots of other teachers outside the 3P community, and have found enormous clarity in unifying the 3P understanding and many other teachings/ways to one simple wholeness. The last 3-4 years have humbled me, brought me to my knees, and the sadness I once felt has really blown my heart open to more love. It has allowed me to fully embrace my imperfectly perfect humanness, and realize I am not a ‘teacher’ of anything, just a fallible human that allows ‘a space” to talk, guide and help others help themselves.

My ‘understanding’ of the three principles has kind of dissolved leaving just a feeling and essence before the structure/ words/description of the principles, a wordless, inexpressible song of life, a quietness before words. This ‘feeling’ or resonance, and also my amazing wife, has made me much more open minded to so many things I was interested in before coming across the three principles. I feel I am returning home, back to a place I never left and the doorway is simply love.

Message from Jules

I (Julianne Del Cano Kennard ‘Jules’) am so honored to be a part of this beautiful man’s life (Rudi) and move forward helping others to uncover the space of silence that rests in the hush of the present moment–this present moment.  Shortly after losing my youngest son there was a quietness, and a non-phonetic communication arose.   It was with this deep sense of ‘knowing’ that quietly waits with-in us all; that I moved forward into the loss of my youngest daughter with love and compassion.  It is from this space that I come to you now and am so grateful to have found the Three Principles to give words to articulate my experience and this beautiful life-essence that we all share.

We have loads of new animations, videos and media to share with you very soon so watch this space!

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10 thoughts on “Personal message from Rudi and Jules”

  1. Dear Rudi and Jules, you are both such beautiful souls and I am so happy that you found each other. It was meant to be! You are also living your own truth and have the courage to express it openly, which is so inspiring to many of us. I hope you are not worrying about any possible critical reactions. Only you know what is right for you! Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary and wishing you many many more to come! (My husband and I just celebrated our 30th a few days ago…).
    Love you always,
    Marie 🌷💕🌷💕🌷

    1. Bless you Marie! Yes following the direction of the inner guide can lead you places where others may have issues with, but they are not you, and one thing Syd always said was that ‘no one can tell you what is right for you, you have to follow it within the silence of your own being.’ Happy 30th wedding anniversary Marie! Lots of love to you. Rudi and Jules xx

  2. Thanks to you both :o)
    Your willingness to listen quietly and feel the direction of Inner Knowing calling you to expand is obvious … even to a blind person. Pointing to an invisible space within yourself only makes sense if you reside there. Then it feels most natural, to anyone listening, to enter that space with you, where there is only one of us and the noise of differences just dissolves. Thank you for reminding us to live, love, and laugh at our human being-ness. Enjoy being you moment-to-moment.

    1. Thanks Tony, beautifully written and you articulate the ‘naturalness’ of it all very well! Thanks so much for you comment!

  3. Rudi and Jules, I send love to you both! Rudi I met you via email 10 years ago when I moved to Charlotte, NC. You were completing your tour of the U.S. and couldn’t make it to Charlotte. I have been a subscriber since then and have followed your evolution in and beyond the Principles.
    I too recognized that there is more than just the Principles and that opening up my heart to a love that is so pure, allowed me to understand true humility. I really appreciate your spirit of giving via Innate Evolution and wish you both continued blessings and success. You are the Principles in Action. Can’t wait to meet you and Jules!

    1. Hi Nate, thanks so much for the message, Yes I agree with you about love and it would be great to meet you in person one day too! Jules and I look forward to meeting you too!!!

  4. Hi dear ones,
    It squeezes my heart to read the words from your heart about your personal evolution and revelations. There’s something about moving into that depth of awareness and love. I feel from both of you an unconditional love and acceptance that is a balm to my soul as I seek the same for myself. We are rising to embrace the truth of who we really are. Bless you both for following your passion to offer your wisdom and experience to others so they may find the diamond of their existence. I love you both so much! ❤️ Renee Taintor

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