2021 Three Principles Facilitators Training - Monthly

The Three Principles online facilitator training will take a group of people on a nine-month exportation into the nature of consciousness and the logic of how the human experience works. This training does not necessarily teach you ‘how’ to share the principles, but rather it uncovers a space within you in order to draw out your own unique gifts of sharing a profound understanding in your own words – in your own way.

This training is ideally suited to coaches, therapists, and specific business populations, as well as for anyone who wishes to deepen their own understanding.

We have been training people to become principle based facilitators for six years (previous company name, Innate Wellbeing). The outcome attendees report is:

  • Feeling confident when sharing the principles to groups and one to one clients.
  • Embodying a deeper sense of personal wellbeing and peace of mind.
  • Understanding the basics of starting a principle-based business or advancing an existing one.
  • Obtaining greater clarity on the nature of how the human experience actually works.
  • Having the ability to talk about the three principles, even to family members, but maybe get their permission first!

Nine-month program – Jan 28th – Sept 26th

All times and further information provided upon purchase

Please pay the £500.00 non-refundable deposit. This secures your place on the training (late bookers for 2019 course were not able to attend as we were full)
Additional 9 monthly payments begin in January.

£388.00 – monthly fee.

£555.00 – monthly fee after Nov 30th.

£555.00 £388.00

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