Apprenticeship Program

An apprenticeship six-month program for ONE individual.

The ‘apprentice’ will have a very intimate connection and relationship with Rudi and Jules that includes two calls a month and visiting our home in Hawaii. It will be a massive expansion in personal consciousness and for business success!


Stay in our home in Hawaii for a three-day‘ immersion’! This includes staying in our guest room, having meals with us, seeing Hawaii, swimming with giant sea turtles, connecting with nature, a 4×4 car for your personal use, and five hours of one-to-one immersion into the wholeness of being with us every day! (if you are unable to travel we can do this virtually)

Two calls per month with Rudi and Jules around embodying the understanding AND personal bespoke help developing and making your business more authentic, enjoyable, and successful.

We work closely with you on your coaching/facilitation practice with advice, support, and guidance of your coaching/facilitation skills, including watching recordings of your coaching and giving feedback.

Access to the 2021 Wholality® facilitator/coach training recordings (usual sell for $3000)

Access to any public talk we give for free within the 6 months

This is the deepest dive into Wholality®  we currently offer and by working so intimately with us over the six months we will help you expand your bandwidth of perception, embody a deep ‘wholeness’ within and create a very lucrative business with visibility and authentic followers/subscribers.

The ‘Apprenticeship’ is ONLY AVAILABLE TO 1 PERSON every six months.


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