Consciousness Expansion Program: Oct. 5th & 6th - PLUS 4 additional webinars

This weekend online event will be for an exploratory group of people, who are committed to going beyond their current perceptual paradigm, who are very open-minded and courageous. You may explore with us Oct 5th & 6th.

Extended PLUS option provides 4 additional webinars to expand your learning.
Additional webinars – Oct. 14, 21, 28 and Nov 4th.
Times and zoom links provided upon purchase with Weekend details.

Outcomes include:

  • A deeper connection to the field or source behind life.
  • A more embodied sense of love and empowerment.
  • Be able to consciously create a life that’s more ‘you’.
  • Understand non-duality and the three principles as one understanding
  • Embrace our humanness with less judgment and more joy.
  • A sense of an expanded ‘you’ beyond a conceptual framework.

A 2-day online event on Oct 5th & 6th – PLUS 4 additional webinars.
All times, bonus, and further information provided upon purchase.


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