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Finding and Following A Life Purpose - Dec 8th

This talk will be a radical re-think of the idea of a life-purpose. It will help us go beyond concepts of what we ‘think’ we should be doing, to falling into the heart of life. This lets life guide us into what we love doing, not because we think we should be doing it, but because we love doing it!

It will aim to clear a mental fog of ‘should’’ and ‘shouldn’t’ to pierce beyond concepts back to the quiet whispering of consciousness, back to the garden of what we love doing and doing more of that.

Here is what you’ll walk away with:

  • The event offers a radical re-think of ‘life-purpose’
  • Find what we love so we live a life with purpose
  • Connect to the quiet voice within
  • Drop negative blocks around ‘life-purpose’
  • Live a life of purpose

One day event Dec 8th

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