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Uncovering Mental Health, Self-Love, & Confidence - Nov. 16 & 17

This course will be a radical re-think of what we mean by ‘mental health’ it will take it from a paradigm where mental wellbeing and health needs to be worked on, practiced and applied to one where it is already within, and a removal of misunderstanding naturally allows it to pop up and be more embodied and felt on a day to day level.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • Feeling happy for no good reason
  • Going beyond labels to who we truly are
  • The non-physical or non-personal nature of mental health
  • Our innate capacity for resilience and mental health
  • Getting over the past
  • Letting go of self-judgment

Two-day event Nov. 16 – 17th

All times and further information provided upon purchase


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