Resonant Relationships:
The Energetic Power of Two

October 29th & 30th

“You are creation with the power to create”
Jules Kennard

This course is for a small group of conscious couples who wish to learn about the energetic power of two people in co-creation.
*To attend this course you must have attended the ‘Authentic Relationships’ course (or viewed the recordings).
*Maximum of five couples only.

There is a missing link in many teachings, understandings and psychologies around relationships. It is the missing link of our energetic potential, of the power of a couples e-motions (energy in motion) to create within the physical world.

Two people in harmonic resonance are very, very powerful. Two people energetic harmony joined as one creates a HUGE energetic field, that amplifies our innate power to create.

Put simply, we live in, and we are indeed part of a boundless field of energy vibrations. This energetic field is before physical reality but also births into physical reality. As expressions within this field we, as humans, interact, commune, and create within this field via our e-motions.

“You are not having a relationship with another person.
You are having a relationship with your own perspective of them.”

Your Facilitators

Rudi Kennard

Jules Kennard

Oct. 29th & 30th

U.K: 4.30 PM – 9.30 PM
EST: 11.30 AM- 4.30 PM
PST: 8.30 AM -1.30 PM
HST: 5.30 AM- 10.30 AM

As a married couple ourselves (Rudi and Jules) we mistakingly stumbled upon something that we have been wanting to share since we uncovered it three years ago! To us it is the next step in human evolution and a couples ability to co-create. We have never seen what we uncovered written about in any book, nor heard anyone ever talk about it. This is not a ‘secret’ it is just not known.

Knowing what we uncovered, we have used this power to completely re-create our lives via energetic co-creation. It has been much more powerful than we ever could have achieved individually. The power of two, does not equal just two- it equals 100s- because it is the power of two’s intimate harmonic frequency that causes an energetic ‘tsunami’ within physical reality.

Yes, as you have already guessed, this is a very different course than our first relationship course  ‘authentic relationships’. The first course is the ‘grounding’ for this one. This course may not appeal to many people, and we don’t mind, it is not meant to.
However, if you want to:

• Learn how to energetically co-create as a couple
• Use your energetic frequency to positively leverage physical reality
• Massively expand new dimensions of potentials in relationships and life
• Fall deeper in love with your partner and life
• Get a completely different perspective on the apparent constants of ‘time/space and matter’
• Make the extra-ordinary very ordinary
• Expand your perception or reality

Then this is for you!
If you want to just feel better and understand how your psychology works then attend our first course. 
If you want to energetically create and expand then come join us on this event!

Learning Modules

Each module is a stepping stone to the next module as we go deeper and deeper into our innate ability to create and how ‘conscious co-creation’ massively amplifies the field of potential. This two day event will be interactive with exercises, contemplations, couples communing with a deeper space to uncover what wants to be created through them and participant insights and interaction.

Energenic Frequency

Understanding our own resonance:
Igniting the energetic power within

This module helps us understand the nature of how our heart based emotions (e-motion- energy in motion) create, commune and interact within the field of ‘physical’ life. We look into how to increase our energetic frequency via things like ‘grounding’, visualizations and deeper awarenesses of the energetic nature of life.

Harmonious Resonance

The power of two: Conscious couples

We look into ‘joining’ our frequency as a couple, understanding how powerful sympathetic or harmonious resonance is and practically how to do this and why, to us, it is the missing link in humanities conscious creation evolution. We share personal examples and real life stories of what we (Rudi and Jules) have created and experienced via our own harmonious resonance.

Energetic Meditations

Conscious co-creation: Communing within and creating in the world

As couples we do exercises and contemplations on ‘what does my and our unique expression wish to create in the world? We get clear on our heartfelt direction and what that looks like in physical reality. The interactive exercises and contemplations draws out a silence within and allows us to ‘hear’ it and bring it into consciousness. We then do energetic meditations as couples to start creating our most beautiful lives.

Broadening Bandwidth

Conscious Expansion: The unbelievable lightness Of Being

Rudi and Jules will talk very honestly and truthfully about their own personal experiences of expansion and the non-dual multi-dimensional ‘reality’ and help the participants start to uncover a completely different perspective on ‘life’ which broadens their bandwidth of perception, and asa group we do exercises and contemplations to increase our vibration and heartfelt joy in life.

Who is this for?

▪ Couples who want to expand their relationship into a whole new dimension!
▪ Couples who want to leverage their connection to create within physical reality
▪ Individuals who wish to learn about our innate gifts to consciously create
▪ For those wishing to create more beautiful and harmonious lives

Who are we?

Based in Hawaii, Rudi and Julianne Kennard are authors, international speakers, parents, co-founders of Innate Evolution and a married couple. Between them they have experienced difficult life challenges, including the death of a partner and a teenage daughter, homelessness, domestic violence, crippling burnout and bankruptcy.

As a result of the life-changing understanding that emerged from these direct life experiences, they now share what they consider a missing link to resilience and aliveness that enables us to fully embrace the creative nature of life. Jules and Rudi are the originators and authors of the book ‘Wholality®: The Missing Link to Love’ and their accredited training courses and resources have now reached over a million people.

What Others Have Said...

Here are a few testimonials from some of our previous attendees

I could feel myself falling out of the illusion of separateness and back into connection. They both spoke so beautifully, and so clearly, about resonance, the energy field and creation.
Mandy Spray
Absolutely mind expanding! I have never felt so open relaxed and inspired! They make the 'abstract' very concrete and and offer an understandable 'logic' that allows you to embrace and experience the 'mystical in a very normal and ordinary way.
Morten & Tess
I have done many programs and courses in my adulthood, trying to understand more about how life works and I have to say hand on heart this course is the only program where I’ve found the answer all my questions. Thank you so much!
Paul Del Sol

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Oct. 29th & 30th

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