Saturday Oct. 27th 70 min. talks
Welcome / Q & A Rudi Kennard & Sara Priestley 10:00-10:10
Potential what is it and aligning for results Rudi Kennard & Tanya Kennard 10:10-11:20
Personal transformation: Life change Mandy Spray & Niko Leppänen 11:30-12:40
Young lives: Guiding children to release their infinite potential. Peter Anderson & Catherine Kennard 13:40-14:50
Taking action: The potential for global transformation Jeanne Catherine & Rudi Kennard 15:00-16:10
The potential for mental quiet In a very noisy world Sandy Krott & Annika Hurwitt 16:20-17:30
Real world potential: Going beyond depression, discouragement, and disorders to a life well-lived Michael Neill, Karen Dimarco & Rob Cook 18:30-19:40
The potential of joy reimagined: From the personal to the transformative Sharon Strimling & Christine Higgins 19:50-21:00
Sunday Oct. 28th
Q & A Ask Anything! Jamie Smart & Ankush Jain 10:00-11:20
Clarity and how to have more of it: Twice as far, half the effort. Chantal Burns 11:30-12:40
Relationships: The doorway to connection and transformation Terry & Brian Rubenstein 13:40-14:50
Sporting performance: Uncovering optimal potential Denise Holland & Andy Winter 15:00-16:10
Addictions: Awakening the human potential for addictions and beyond Joe Bailey & Amir Karkouti 16:20-17:30
The potential of the principles in business Ken Manning & Robin Charbit 18:30-19:40
Love: The heart of human potential Dicken Bettinger & Rudi Kennard 19:50-21:00
Monday Oct. 29th 2.5 hr. talks
Welcome & Q & A Rudi Kennard & Sara Priestley 10:30-10:50
Live coaching: the potential for results Jamie Smart & connference attendees 11:00-13:30
The burnout solution: Awakening our potential for natural resilience Joe Bailey & Ann Ross 14:30-17:00
Seeing potential in the context of Consciousness Garret Kramer & Sara Priestley 18:00-20:30
Tuesday Oct. 30th 2.5 hr. talks
Q & A Rudi Kennard & Sara Priestley 10:30-10:50
No limits, no barriers: The potential of Mind behind bars Jacqueline Hollows & Liliana Bellini 11:00-13:30
Redrawing potential: creativity beyond the personal Jenny Anderson & Samantha Hurst 14:30-17:00
Our True Self: The potential in transitioning from ego to aware presence Dicken Bettinger & Ami Chen-Mills Naim 18:00-20:30
Close and Thank you! Rudi Kennard & Sara Priestley 20:30-20:45

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