This is a short video on what Wholality® is and is not. You can view the other five videos in this ‘Igniting Your Inner Greatness’ series and over six hours of other videos around our wholeness of being available from the FREE ieMembership area.

What is Wholality®?

Wholality® is an insight based understanding that uncovers our innate or natural inner greatness:

We all have a profound intuitive sensitivity
We all have a powerful inner wisdom or guidance
We all can understand the nature of how our ‘reality’ is created
We all are entangled within a universal field of information and intelligence
We all have the power to create in the outside world via an internal vibration

By having insights or deep revelations into this inner greatness, we naturally and inevitably:

Allow a deep intuitive instinct to guide us through life
Navigate challenging circumstances with more resilience and wisdom
Consciously manifest a more beautiful outer life in harmony with our hearts guidance
Commune and interact with the space within, to lead a more loving and authentic life
Know how our perceptual experience is created so we have a much nicer human experience

The understanding of Wholality® is based on universal laws/powers or principles so does not tell you what to do, or not do, give advice nor be-little other teachings or understandings, but instead uncovers how these universal laws/principles are the unseen underlying powers that create EVERYTHING in the physical. 

Insight into this creates a wildly beautiful physical life hand in hand with a deeply authentic inner world, but at the same time collapses the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ worlds back to one whole, to live a  deeply majestic life experience. 

However this understanding is not ‘floaty’ or ‘esoteric’ at its core is a 100% logic, or constant to how EVERYONES experience works in exactly the same way- to create a uniquely different experience. It is a ‘science’ and an ‘art’ concurrently.

Many people see similarities of Wholality® in the Dao, law of attraction, non-duality, the three principles or the metaphysical.  Wholality® is none of these but contains aspects of all of them as all these understandings reveal part of the wholeness of life. 

Wholality® offers a completely fresh and unique teaching that has never been articulated before in this way, to go beyond human concepts back to a natural underlying essence that practically really helps the human experience. 

It does not seek to transcend the human experience but embrace it. Nor seek freedom in a particular state of mind, but the power to feel all states of mind with freedom. It is not about by-passing our humanness but embracing it as a unique expression within one boundless universal field of existence.

Previous attendees of courses on Wholality® have all reported the following:

● Huge increase in self love and acceptance
● Huge increase in one’s intuitive sensitivity
● The capacity to energetically create via an internal resonance
● Deep feelings of connection to a universal power and ‘wholeness’
● Huge drop in self judgment by understanding what the ‘self’ actually is



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