The End of Self Judgement:

The Wholeness of Being


Many of us suffer from a busy mind and constant self-judgement.
Would you prefer to appreciate and love yourself?

Then this course is for you

Previous attendees reported a massive 70% decrease in self -judgment!
(results from a before and after course survey)

...about this course

Turn down the volume on self judgment

In this course, we turn down the volume on self-judgment by completely expanding who we think ‘we’ or our ‘selves’ actually are. 

This course is not just about dropping self-judgment, it is an expansion of consciousness. From this space, we can see ourselves and the world completely differently.

Outcomes reported by previous students:

A MASSIVE reduction in self judgment
A MASSIVE reduction in negative self talk
A huge change in perspective as to what ‘the self’ actually is
A deeper and more profound connection to a presence behind all things
Non-dual experiences of expansion and oneness
An expansion of heartfelt emotions like compassion and gratitude
Being ok with being human

It is possible

The struggle with self-judgment and negative inner dialogue can be reduced by uncovering a completely different perspective on the ‘self’ and our Whole Nature as an expression within a field of consciousness. No need to vilify the ‘ego’ nor seek a ‘true’ self- its about embracing the Whole Self. From this space of embracing and unconditional acceptance we let go and let love.


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210 Minutes




Claire Christopher

This course brought down years of old belief systems, this new sense of freedom is beyond words that I can express!

I’d struggled most of my life to get myself into and keep myself in the ‘happy zone.  I constantly questioned myself as to ‘what I was doing wrong’ each time my moods dared to shift into the sad, self-conscious, not-good enough, scared, moody, angry, jealous zones (to name but a few). No sooner had I thought I’d conquered a new technique I’d find myself right back at square one, back in the unhappy zone and my self-judgment knew no bounds. 

Fortunately, through their gentle guidance and their use of simple yet very profound teachings they helped me to see something new that brought down years of old belief systems.  I no longer deem it necessary to eliminate any feelings or emotions that arise in the moment and the sense of freedom I feel from letting the belief that certain feelings are better than others go, is beyond words that I can express.

With this new sense of freedom, I am now able to create my very own symphony on the piano keyboard that is my life.  I no longer inhibit myself to only playing with one hand.  Whatever shows up in my life I have the confidence to embrace it with all my heart.  This course was the end of seeking and searching.

Ira Kokova

I was unhappy and looking for a miracle. This course was the miracle and the turning point for me. I found the key to life!

Over the years I took tons of courses, because I was really unhappy and waiting for a miracle to happen, so that could change. Of course, it never did and I went from searching to disappointment all over again and lost all hope. Today I would say that ” The end of self judgment” was the turning point.

It’s clear now that the miracle I was grasping for so long, happened right there, that they brilliantly and effortlessly guided me to find the key to life, lying dormant and unseen in me. Well, words merely don’t cut it, because it’s an unique experience and the only way to understand-it is to live it but i will say that i am so crazy grateful and that i love loving again! 

Rachel Jewel

Tony DeViillier

This is the end of self judgment and the start of freedom!

This understanding is the end of self-judgment! I can now see my unique self, as part of the whole, and am able to let go of the suffering I was creating in my mind about who I was. This is Freedom! 

After this course, I felt lighter and more able to distinguish that noisy inner critic from the deeper presence available within us all which has created a gentler way of being in the world.


Video & Audio


210 Minutes