Live Trainings

We run live public events, coach/practitioner training and on-line self study programs.
For completely new people we would first recommend our book then attending a public event.

This is not a training, it is an experience! Join us in this transformational offering into our wholeness of being and our inner greatness. Six months of deep daily embodiment videos and resources, followed by joining us on a live week long immersion retreat in Hawaii!

This training includes monthly one to ones with Rudi and Jules, resources, trainings and personal mentoring around business development and how to get clients and monthly webinars. Leading to becoming a certified and accredited coach/facilitator in our wholeness of being (Wholality®)

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Apprenticeship: become a ‘Master’ Wholality® trainer

If you are serious about going within and uncovering an embodied inner greatness and an outer life of wild abundance then become our apprentice!
We only offer this to one person per year!

If you want to skyrocket your coaching business and hugely expand your consciousness then this is for you! As an ‘apprentice’ you will attend the Wholality Facilitator Training and work closely with both of us which includes us reviewing your client coaching session recordings and working with you in intensively stepping up your business visibility and success.

We only take 1 apprentice on per year!
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