Trauma Through The Eyes of Wholality®

In this webinar recording (in two parts) we shared ‘Why Trauma is Not Just a Thought’. We discuss how the mainstream view of ‘perception’ is very cognitive-based and often misses the body out in its explanation.

With Wholality® we share about ‘Wholeception’ (‘all of our senses and then some’ another word we have made up!) to broaden ‘perception’ to include the body and the brain as a whole body-brain-energy system that creates our whole experience. Also now thousands of peer-reviewed research are finding that 80% of information is received via the body first and sends it to the brain, and only 20% of information is sent from brain to body.  We touch on the term, ‘Neuroception’ which is the body’s (Nervous System’s) surveillance system. 

We talk about how ‘experience is not 100% thought based’ and that our body is sending and receiving information outside of cognitive awareness all of the time, and via neuroception, sometimes bypassing the brain altogether. We are still maintaining that life is 100% an inside-out experience, but we are broadening it by including our WHOLE being, (body included) and the direction in which information is received (bi-directionally 80/20) 

It does not matter how many ‘enlightening’ experiences you have had, we cannot escape our biology, nor should we want to; as the body is the bridge between form and formlessness. We are all still exquisitely human.

Trauma Through The Eyes of Wholality® Part 1:

Trauma Through The Eyes of Wholality® Part 2:

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