Un-setting the mind: Love is the cracks in beliefs

Un-setting the mind: Love is the cracks in beliefs

A blog from Rudi Kennard at www.innateevolution.com. Rudi talks about how the three principles can ‘unset’ our mindsets, but how often it can become another mindset!

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2 thoughts on “Un-setting the mind: Love is the cracks in beliefs”

  1. I love this video Rudi and completely concur.

    The visual display of thought and belief using your hands to display the ‘set block’ of thought/belief above the source that is creating it (and the esteem it is held in, in general) – worked for me!

    Unset the mind and don’t buy into any one ‘brand’ or ‘label’ of spirituality/understanding above the truth of what it is trying to describe.

    This is coming from someone who has had amazing insights from being directly involved in the 3 principles community. As you describe though, I also started to generate a lot of extra conflicted thinking in regards to ‘the brand’.

    I found myself finding more and more truth the more I relaxed my thinking around it.

    Brands are useful labels in that block you drew with your hands – not the creative power or the truth below which it is trying to describe.

    Cheers, Matt

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