These animations look to how the human experience is being created.

Click on each image to view the video

Happy Scientist Animation, Innate Evolution, UK

The Silly Meter

This video talks about what expands and collapses our potential.

Missing Link, Innate Evolution, UK

The Missing Link

This video talks about where our feelings comes from.

Thought Filters, Innate Evolution, UK

The Reality Filter

This video talks about how thought and feeling create the totality of human experience.

Animated Persons, Innate Evolution, UK

The Psychological Immune System

This video talk about how our psychology has an innate immune system of resilience and how this works.

Animated Happy Man, Innate Evolution, UK

The Weather Of Our Minds

This video talks about how we can understand the nature of experience.


Spiritual Nature of Life, Innate Evolution, UK

The Spiritual Nature Of Life

This video talks about our spiritual nature of life.

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