This video series is the edited footage from the first day of a four day live facilitator training course in the nature of human experience.

Filmed in 2017 with Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson, this series is a great introduction to how the nature of experience is created from within to form the totality of experience, personally and globally. 

Defining a Transcendental Logic

This video defines the words used to describe a transcendental (formless or non-personal) logic (reasoning or objective). The unification of something spiritual and scientific at the same time.

Defining The Three Principles

The video defines what we mean by the ‘Three Principles’, and how these formless powers are the backdrop of all experience – indeed the energy behind all life whether in form or formless.

Beyond ‘Thinking’ to the Power Behind Life

This video helps us understand how the powers or principles behind life create the human experience.

The Psychological Immune System

There is an innate capacity for resilience built into all of us as an impersonal power. This video looks at how that works and what gets in the way of it working more effectively.

Going Beyond Self-judgement

Freedom isn’t a particular mental/emotional state (as this is conditional). Freedom is unconditional. We can be unconditionally free regardless of what our ‘heads’ are doing.

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