These videos were taken from the 2017 REALISING RESILIENCE online conference.

The 2017 Realizing Resilience conference had over a dozen speakers talking about resilience. Topics ranged from resilience in parenting and business to overcoming the past and body issues.

Re-Thinking Physical Health

These two videos look at physical health. They include testimonials from real life people who have transformed their health, or are living in a different experience of the same health issue. 

Dealing With The Hard Stuff

These videos feature author and international speaker, Mamoon Yusaf, with the creator of this site, Rudi Kennard

They talk about how the principles behind the human experience can help, and have helped, us navigate the ‘big stuff’ in life – like death, divorce, physical injury, bankruptcy and the other ‘hard knocks’ life can throw at us.

Wellbeing At Work

These videos include best selling authors and experts in the fields of leadership, business wellbeing, and development. They talk about the missing link to inspiring others about leadership and our potential for infinite productivity as we align this with our innate genius.

These videos were filmed at the 2017 REALIZING RESILIENCE online conference.

You can view the full recordings HERE

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