Wholality Training:

The missing link to loving yourself and life!

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"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" Nikola Tesla

This three-month course is a deep dive into the nature of me, you, and us, back to our commonality—back to the essence within to a life well-lived. A life lived through the heart while residing within a peaceful mind. If you want to have less stress and more joy, less of a loud ‘washing machine’ head, and more of an internal quietness- then this is for you!

It unifies many seemingly opposing understandings like non-duality, the law of attraction, energy healing and the science of consciousness to one simple unified whole. This ‘wholeness’ also takes you deeper into the essence behind all of them.

Each month will go deeper into the nature of what it is to be human, that embraces and expands our experience from surviving in life to truly thriving. From experiencing our selves and life in black and white to have a beautiful, full color, surround sound experience of an ease and majesty in life.

This course dissolves limiting beliefs and ‘thought blocks’ to allow us to flow through life with more ease. It quiets our mental dialogue to reveal a peaceful silence within and aligns us with a beautiful life we are fully capable of creating.

What previous attendees have said:

The end of self-judgment!
Feeling powerful and in the flow,
A peaceful mind,
A massive dissolving of limiting beliefs,
An expanded and connected experience of all things,
Better relationships with others and your own head!
Previously unattainable ‘truths’ suddenly became very embodied within me,
Feeling that joy is now guiding me!

‘Rudi and Jules I believe you have found a message that frees us from our own misunderstandings of all our perceived negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.’
Rachel Jewell

Your Facilitators

Rudi Kennard

Jules Kennard

What is ‘Wholality’?

It is an expanded ‘Inside-Out’ or ‘three principles’ understanding, the name of our book and the name we created to explain the single nature of how the human experience works.

‘Wholality’ also simplifies and unites many seemingly separate or contradictory understandings back to one simple essence. It experientially helps people realize their wholeness within and connectedness to a deeper field of potential behind life. This training does not ‘mix’ modalities, it embraces the essence of all of them.

The 12-week immersion back to wholeness


Feeling whole, worthy and connected

The Nature Of Consciousness

Date TBA

This month uncovers our interconnectedness within a universal field of creative, communicative, and participatory intelligence. We unify the ‘personal’ and the ‘universal’ to one WHOLE that embraces and expands the human experience and collapses many different modalities and understandings to one simple and unified whole.

Personal benefits: Feeling unbroken, WHOLE, connected, and experiencing a much ‘bigger’ perspective of life.

The END of self-judgment

The Nature Of Experience

Date TBA

This month will go into the nature of how we experience via perception (thought in the moment) and how higher frequencies ‘broaden’ our perception of ‘reality’. This will be an immersive weekend to help people experience this for themselves, which includes not only knowing HOW experience is created but experience an ‘expanded’ perception, in essence having a more majestic and spiritual now.

Personal Benefits: A MASSIVE drop in self-judgment/ inner criticism and a big increase of an inner silence and resilience.

Creating a life in resonance with our dreams

The Nature Of Creation

Date TBA

This month explores creating a life in harmony with our dreams and how from a harmonic resonance we do and can create a life we love living. It looks to naturally ‘seeing through’ thought creations (beliefs) that may hinder us and explains how our vibration interacts within a universal field and the implications of this to finally stop surviving in life—to fully thriving.

Personal Benefits: Consciously understanding our innate creative potential and insightfully living in a resonance or feeling of abundance that shifts and expands our focus on what we do not want to what we do want and how this natural reorientation flows us to a life well-lived.

How this certified training works

Three-weekend courses (30 live Hours in total)
Monthly webinars
Bi-Weekly videos (6 in total)
Downloadable audios from the weekends and webinars
Join the Wholality course FB Community Group.

Join us on this monthly journey back home to a place we never really left with a monthly webinars, weekend courses and weekly videos. In essence it is a three month immersion into a practically profound experiential understanding that transforms our inner worlds. The entire three month immersion is being recorded and you will have the recordings and downloadable audios for life.

This is a certified Course!

Completion of this course awards you with an accredited certification with the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) great if you are a health and wellbeing professional! This certification does not qualify to teach the understanding you will need to jump on to our practitioner training to do this.

Become a fully certified coach/practitioner

If you would like to train as a coach/practitioner in this understanding (expanded ‘three principles’ or ‘inside-out’) then you can complete this training then jump on to our practitioner program  and complete an additional three months training at a reduced cost to become a certified and accredited coach/practitioner. You will also get to work closely with Jules and Rudi on ‘deepening’ your awareness and get professional guidance on creating and developing your business.

What Others Have Said...

Here are a few testimonials from some of our previous attendees

If you’ve been confused – as I was for so long – about how and where non-duality, energy healing, manifesting, psychic phenomena and other “non-ordinary” experiences fit in with the 3 Principles understanding- then this is the course for you! This course unified all if it to a simple embracing understanding
Anne Curtis
To remove judgment from the Human Experience is HUGE! This would make such an incredible difference to people. I believe you have found a message that frees us from our own misunderstandings of all our perceived negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.
Rachel Jewell
The weekend has had without doubt the biggest influence on me since I first discovered the 3 principles. It was an incredible help to me in my search for the truth about how we experience life. So many separate truths are now pooled together under one roof. I now have confirmation of who I truly am and the limitless powers at my disposal. Feeling truly blessed and eternally grateful. Big love to you all.
Trevor Drake
The fabulous drawings and deep sharing on the course uncovered a remembrance of who I am back to the powerful creator being- thank you so much!!
Denise Rice
I love the way the course united the universal and personal back to one whole, it took so many concepts and judgments off my mind. Rudi and Jules you really walk your talk!!
Jacklyn Garnick
Jules and Rudi are trailblazers! Simply telling you how good it was, what I took from it or saying nice things about Jules and Rudi would not do it justice. What I will tell you is that what they are doing is nothing short of miraculous. From Love and “Wholeness” they are pointing towards an inclusive and unifying way of not only communicating but living that which cannot be communicated. Shout out to their guest Dominic. Big love to you all.
Michael Fall
You have a way of saying (and drawing!) things that make these HUGE truths instantly understandable!
Lorraine Carol

What Others Have Said...

Here are a few testimonials from some of our previous attendees

Nature’s Mind was the program I wanted since coming across the principles. From the beginning, I resonated with the pure truth of Sydney Banks’ teaching. And I wanted to understand how it fit with other teachings that also resonated with me. In particular the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and Law of Attraction. I knew intuitively that there could be more to see by finding the resonance between a variety of teachings, rather than using one teaching to find the flaws in all the others. Nature’s Mind deepened my understanding of 3P, LOA, non-duality unifying them all and has contributed to a completely free exploration and deeper understanding of our true nature.
Dominic Scaffidi
I could feel myself falling out of the illusion of separateness and back into connection. They both spoke so beautifully, and so clearly, about resonance, the energy field and creation.
Mandy Spray
Absolutely mind expanding! I have never felt so open relaxed and inspired! They make the 'abstract' very concrete and and offer an understandable 'logic' that allows you to embrace and experience the 'mystical in a very normal and ordinary way.
Morten & Tess
I have done many programs and courses in my adulthood, trying to understand more about how life works and I have to say hand on heart this course is the only program where I’ve found the answer all my questions. Thank you so much!
Paul Del Sol
Within my community, I have been feeling guilty, stifled, and boxed in for even considering the use of other modalities over the years. The thought of being "found out" for thinking there might be an additional way of supporting my clients felt almost dishonest or unforgivable. And then you come along with "Wholality and it all makes perfect sense and provides a sense of freedom. Not dismissing anything but more about inclusivity, providing completeness, wholeness to this thing we call life. Thank you!

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I now have a roaring silence in my head. . . .
Julie Tant

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