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Thanks for your interest in working with us! Due to our workload we are unable to give personal one to one coaching apart from attendees of our live facilitator training course.

We do have a number of options for us to work together below, these include – individual and small group immersions, training as a coach/facilitator, or become our ‘apprentice’ and hang out with us in Hawaii!



U.K: 4.30 PM – 9.30 PM
EST: 11.30 AM- 4.30 PM
PST: 8.30 AM -1.30 PM
HST: 6.30 AM- 11.30 AM
NZDT: 5.30 AM- 10.30 AM

Small Group Wholaity® Immersion (2 1/2 days)

This ‘immersion’ is for a maximum of five people to spend two and a half days with Rudi and Jules going deeper into our wholeness and the expanded nature of reality. This allows plenty of time for individual and group insights, reflections, meditations, and individual questions. This also includes an individual one to one with Rudi or Jules in addition to the group immersion (maximum of 5 people).

Currently offered virtually (unless conditions under Covid change)

Date: TBA

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U.K: 4.30 PM – 9.30 PM
EST: 11.30 AM- 4.30 PM
PST: 8.30 AM -1.30 PM
HST: 6.30 AM- 11.30 AM
NZDT: 5.30 AM- 10.30 AM

*We also have a different payment option for you to stay at our home with your own private room and bathroom, and a 4×4 car for your personal use. Please message us if you would like to do this.

Individual Wholaity® Immersion (2 1/2 days)

This ‘immersion’ is for individuals to spend two days with Rudi and Jules going deeper into their wholeness and expanding their perception of reality. We will have the one on one time to go deeper into any question, topic, personal issue or anything the attendee would like to talk about or gain deeper insight into.

This can be for people purely for personal expansion, or for coaches/teachers who wish to expand and be able to share this more deeply with their clients.

*If you are interested in doing a couple immersion (for married couples or people in relationships) please message us below.

What happens after you sign up?

We will get in contact and arrange a time for your immersion that fits into both of our schedules and will send you some pre-immersion materials to view.

Price applies for virtually on-line OR physically in person.

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Added Value:

Access to the 2021 Wholality® facilitator/coach training recordings (usual sell for $3000)

Access to any public talk we give for free within the 6 months

Apprenticeship (6 Month Program)

The apprenticeship is an invitation for one person every six months to work closely with us. The ‘apprentice’ will have a very intimate connection and relationship with both of us that includes two calls a month and visiting our home in Hawaii. It will be a massive expansion in consciousness and also for their business success!

It includes:

Come stay in our home in Hawaii for a three day ‘immersion’! This includes staying in our guest room, having meals with us, seeing Hawaii, swimming with giant sea turtles, connecting with nature, a 4×4 car for your personal use and five hours of one to one immersion into the wholeness of being with us every day! (if you are unable to travel we can do this virtually)

Two calls per month with Rudi and Jules around embodying the understanding AND personal bespoke help developing and making your business more authentic, enjoyable and successful.

We work closely with you on your coaching/facilitation practice with advice, support and guidance of your coaching/facilitation skills, including watching recordings of your coaching and giving feedback.

This is the deepest dive into Wholality®  we currently offer and by working so intimately with us over the six months we will help you expand your bandwidth of perception, embody a deep ‘wholeness’ within and create a very lucrative business with visibility and authentic followers/subscribers.

The ‘Apprenticeship’ is ONLY AVAILABLE TO 1 PERSON every six months.

Have questions?

Have questions?

What Others Have Experienced

Here are a few words from our beautiful clients who have had personalized one-to-one sessions with us.

“Rudi is a truly tremendous teacher. He exudes compassion, joy, wisdom and such heart, it blows me away. He is a true space of love for us all."
Lindsay Krabbendam
“I had a one to one with Rudi. I can honestly say that I have never had such a profound experience! Like no other for sure, before or since!”
Paul Dean
"My twenty four years of agoraphobia just disappeared within a weekend of being with Jules and Rudi."
Su Turner
“Witnessing other peopleʼs lives literally transform and transform in the absolute sense of it has been utterly amazing.”
Lian Brook Tyler
“I have gone from burn out and exhaustion to creating my own practice! I never believed it was possible to feel so alive!"
Ann Ross
"Jules has a compassion unlike anyone i know, she listens to the silence within another and can truly hear them. She is a real and true guardian angel walking amongst us and shines with such love and humility that there is a natural transformation, learning and growth just by connecting with her."
Dana Premanandi Scandlan

Results Achieved

Below is a summary of some research studies showing impact this understanding can have with individuals and communities.

0 %
Increase in feelings of goodwill and respect
0 %
Increase in remaining calm in circumstances
0 %
Increase in parental involvement in schools
0 %
Reduction in violent crime
0 %
Reduction in school disciplines
0 %
Reduction in school truancy rates

More Great Experiences!

Here are a few more words from our beautiful clients who have had personalized one-to-one sessions with us.

"Jules guided me to reach the impossible. To accept the power I have within. This woman has been blessed by angels and if you have a chance to look into her eyes you will see her soul, but the gift is, she will show you yours."
Mary Jobes
“It has turned my darkest times into beautiful dreams. There are no words to say how much this helped me!”
Lydia May
“Over the last year I have come off all three of the medications that I had been on for many years!"
Essi Herman
“I have experienced insights which have led me to burst into tears at how wonderful life can be in the moment when your head is not full of negative thoughts This has helped me get back to work after 3 months off (and actually begin to enjoy it again).”
Angi Greneski

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