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What is this site about?

It is an experiential understanding that ignites an inner unconditional freedom and an expansion of consciousness. Via our accredited live or video programs, many people train in Wholality® so they can help others experience a deep inner presence and ‘wholeness’ no matter their past life experiences.

Who Are We?

We are ordinary people who had extraordinary life challenges that didn’t break our hearts but broke them open to ‘expanded’ experiences, (like Jules’s near-death experience). We are authors, and international speakers and run a Hawaii-based accredited training company whose resources have now reached an estimated 1 million people.

View short videos on the wholeness of being

Self-Study App

We are pleased to launch our new self-study video programs on our Wholality® App! This allows you to watch videos offline and from any mobile device or desktop!
This new platform offers short and month-long courses around your wholeness of being, online communities, and the ability to track your well-being progress on topics from:
• How to let go of stress and depression
• How to increase your peace of mind
• How to ignite your resonant ability to manifest a wildly beautiful life
• How to expand your consciousness!
• How to end self-judgment
As well as tutorials on how to meditate, go within, and commune with the deeper intelligence behind life.

Become an Accredited and Certified Wholality® Facilitator/Coach

Experientially embody the depth of presence that helps liberate others – and get business help doing it!

Our company is registered with the CPD an independent accreditation institution that shows that our course has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality and achieved professional standards and benchmarks.

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