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Wholality® is an understanding that helps us ‘unlearn’ concepts and beliefs to have a direct embodied experience of an ever present, pre-existing innate wisdom. It is not a belief system (adding info) but a subtraction of belief systems that can keep us stuck or feeling bad. In the removal comes an expansion of compassion and positive regard for ourselves and others.

This embodied process organically ignites more resilience, inner contentment and an expansion of consciousness while embracing the inevitable ups and downs of the human experience.

Also, Wholality does not ‘transcend’ the human experience but embraces it. All of it. Including the inevitable grit of life and all of ourselves, including the pink fluffy bits and the sharp or rough bits. Its about being ‘wholey’ human within one field of infinite potential.

Research has shown previous attendees learning Wholality®, on average had a staggering 148% increase in self love and a 63% decrease in stress.

Don’t take our word for it, watch previous students explain what it means to them below!

FREE Life Acceleration Masterclass

Want to accelerate your relationships, peace of mind, productivity and ‘match’ more wealth, health and joy into your life?
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1) How to Enjoy deeper, more authentic and easeful relationship
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4) How to leverage an internal vibration to ‘match’ more wealth, health and harmony into your life

“Wholality points you back 'home' to that space before thought / beliefs / concepts, to an ever present 'knowing.’ It has blown my heart open and I have dropped self-judgment of myself and others.”
Elaine McKenzie
Youth Worker and Coach
‘Wholality’s simple yet profound message brought down years of old belief systems, this new sense of freedom is beyond words that I can express. The ‘wholeness’ was the missing piece in the puzzle for me, it was life changing.”
Claire Christopher
Mental Wellbeing and Resilience Coach

Read Our Book

Our book ‘Wholality® The Missing Link To Love’ is literally the missing link that unifies many seemingly separate understandings and uncovers a profound unconditional acceptance that ignites the heart of compassion for yourself, others, and the world. Watch the Trailer HERE 

What others have said about the book:

“This book makes our inner essence incredibly accessible.”

“This book enhances your life. Not just short term but permanently.”

“Life-Changing! It has given me freedom from self-judgment!”

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New Courses

After viewing the free Inner Greatness Series and/or reading our book, we recommend viewing our full list of Wholality® courses HERE 

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