Certified Facilitator Auditing


We offer online, webinars, weekend intensives, and full training programs.

Below is a list of all our training programs.
For completely ‘new’ people we would recommend our ‘Udemy’ products, and to read our book.
Then to jump on our ‘Wholality’ training. And, when you want to go deeper we highly recommend our Certified Facilitator Auditing Training

This 3-month immersive course offers monthly weekend courses, webinars, weekly videos, and a supportive community for us to return back home to wholeness, connection, and love.

This on-line certified and accredited self study program is an affordable way for people wanting to become three principles based coaches, as it is an abridged version of the 2020 live three principles training.

Uncovering resilience and peace of mind regardless of external circumstances and living a beautiful life NOW!

Letting go of stress, trauma, and anxiety and uncovering wellbeing and an inner peace of mind- no techniques necessary!

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