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Given in-Person Training in 14 Countries

Spoken to 40 Different Populations

Reached over 1 Million People

Appeared on TV, Radio and Magazines

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About Us

We help others directly experience more resilience, peace of mind and productivity in every area of their lives with the ability to navigate very difficult circumstances including integrating trauma.

At the same time we help others expand their consciousness, open their hearts and feel connected to a larger presence or oneness behind life. It’s a unification of the physical and spiritual in wholeness.

We have shared ‘Wholality®’ (the wholeness of being) all over the world within a dozen different populations including: Business executives, disaster survivors, to jail inmates, university students, schools and people in mental health and drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Wholality is currently being shared by our students in Jails, schools and within the mental health field.

FREE Life Acceleration Masterclass

To get going on your wholeness journey, enroll below on this FREE ‘Life Acceleration Masterclass’ where you will get deeply powerful insights around:

1) How to enjoy deeper, more authentic, and easeful relationships
2) How to drop stress! with an understanding, and breathwork aids to cultivate peace of mind
3) How to accelerate your productivity and creativity, with a little-known understanding
4) How to leverage an internal vibration to ‘match’ more wealth, health, and harmony 

View 1 min videos of the RESULTS of Wholality

AS of January 2024 we launched a BRAND NEW section of self-sudy courses on a range of wholeness topics.

Join our Wholality® App! This allows you to watch videos offline and from any mobile device or desktop!

• How to let go of stress 
• How to let go of depression
• The secret to manifesting abundance
• The end of self-judgement
• Eight talks on inner freedom

Wholality Embodiment Experience

Where people lovingly dissolve
inner hurts, unify any understanding
or modality previously learned,
and expand their consciousness
and abundance in every area
of their lives.

Includes attendance on an immersion
retreat in Hawaii!

Our company is registered with the CPD an independent accreditation institution that shows that our course has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality and achieved professional standards and benchmarks.

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