Rudi and Jules

Based in Hawaii, Rudi and Julianne Kennard are authors, international speakers, parents, co-founders of Innate Evolution and a married couple. Between them they have experienced difficult life challenges, including the death of a partner and a teenage daughter, homelessness, domestic violence, crippling burnout and bankruptcy.

As a result of the life-changing understanding that emerged from these direct life experiences, they now share what they consider a missing link to resilience and aliveness that enables us to fully embrace the creative nature of life. Jules and Rudi are the originators and authors of the book 'Wholality®: The Missing Link to Love’ and their accredited training courses and resources have now reached over a million people.

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Rudi Kennard

Rudi has worked with over a dozen different populations, from Nepali earthquake survivors to school children and prison inmates.

The free video resources took him two years voluntary work to co-create and has now touched well over a million people.

Jules Kennard

Jules had a spontaneous and extreme shift in consciousness after a number of tragic events.

With this shift, Jules navigated the death of her teenage daughter with resilience and love. She now works tirelessly to help others find peace with-in no matter the circumstances.

Sinclaire Milstead

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Sinclaire brings a different generation perspective to the business, being a master on Instagram and digital media she helps our facilitator student get up to speed on current trends and media.

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Valued Clients

Below are some of the organizations, non-profits and government departments to which we have given talks, trainings or workshops.

Professional Endorsements

Here is what leaders in the field of consciousness and transformation have to say about Rudi.

"Rudi practices what he preaches and you will find his loving wisdom in every course he teaches."
Michael Neill, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK
Michael Neill
Author of the Inside-Out Revolution and Radio Host
"Rudi defines the word ʻserviceʼ. he is a wonderful role model of what he teaches and truly ʻwalks his talk.'"
Dicken Bettinger, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK
Dr. Dicken Bettinger
Psychologist, author, and international speaker
"Rudi seeʼs the inside out nature of life with an amazing simplicity, clarity and depth of understanding."
Jamie Smart, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK
Jamie Smart
Author of the Clarity, international speaker, and entrepreneur
"Rudi is compassionate, caring, and wise. Learn from him and I guarantee that his love, understanding, and peace of mind will rub off on you—and those you care about."
Garret Kramer, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK
Garret Kramer
Author of the Still Power, international coach and speaker

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