Innate Evolution

Based in Hawaii, Innate Evolution is an accredited training company that has been training people to be coaches and facilitators and running retreats and public courses for over fifteen years across multiple countries.

Our company is registered with the CPD an independent accreditation institution that shows that our course has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality and achieved professional standards and benchmarks.

An estimated 10’000 People been through our trainings
We have given trainings in over 12 Countries
We have worked with the UK National Health Service, The Charities ‘Open Road’ and ‘Mind’, and spoken at Universities, Medical Institutions, Colleges, and Corporations

Rudi and Jules

Based in Hawaii, Rudi and Jules are the originators of ‘Wholality®’ and authors of the book’ Wholality®: The Missing Link to Love’. They run an accredited training academy and between them have given trainings in over a dozen countries to Government Departments, Universities, Fortune 100 companies, Centers for Domestic Violence, the U.K. National Health Service and their free resources have reached over a million people. After their own direct ‘expanded’ experiences of consciousness they now help others find home within.


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Sinclaire Milstead

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Sinclaire brings a different generation perspective to the business, being a master on Instagram and digital media she helps our facilitator student get up to speed on current trends and media.

Valued Clients

Below are some of the organizations, non-profits and government departments to which we have given talks, trainings or workshops.

Work With Us

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