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4 month Wholality® Embodiment Starts: July 4th
Meet & Greet: June 27th

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This training starts on the 4th July.
There is a meet & greet 27th June.
Available for a maximum of 10 people
Currently there are only 4 spaces remaining.

This Four month ‘experience’ is a stand-alone course AND a pre-cursor for anyone wanting to do the Wholality Facilitator Training.

As one of our student’s said ‘This is not a course, it is an ‘experience!’
This ‘wholality of life’ experience is a spiritual-biological-psychological approach that has shown to:
Lessen stress and self-judgment by 71% & Increase self-love by 148%
Drop life-long blocks and traumas in the body, embrace your ‘whole’ humanness, and become a powerful creator-being of life abundance.

Where people come to lovingly
dissolve inner hurts, unify any
understanding or modality they
previously learned, and expand
their consciousness and abundance
in every area of their lives.

Alys: From decades of depression and eating disorders to freedom

“Before the training, I felt ‘stuck’ I had eating disorders, depression, couldn’t laugh, couldn’t cry, hated myself, and felt invisible and unheard. After the training, I can truly say hand on heart that I love myself now- all of me. I feel free, seen, heard, and worthy- just from the fact that I am alive. I have my ups and down but I no longer get freaked out in the downs and see it as natural in embracing ALL of the human experience.”
Alys Daly

1 Minute RESULT videos
Listen to some of our students personal changes

Have you ever ...?

Have you ever been on a training, and felt a hit of expansion or a good feeling only to have it quickly wear off?
Or been on a program with time commitments you found hard to commit to, or felt something was missing?

This training is ‘embodied’ meaning it doesn’t wear off (see the 6 months after stats above).
There is almost no time commitments as the one to ones can be booked at a time that suits you and the bulk of the training is released daily- so watch at your convenience. Also, ‘Wholality’ doesn’t leave anything out it’s the wholeness of life which includes trauma, the body, the nervous system, our psychology, emotions, spirituality, and our entanglement within the ‘whole’ of life itself including our intuitive expansion and our creator-being-ness!

What is unique about the training experience?

Unlike many programs where you view a webinar or watch videos, this is a ‘whole’ system:

This wholeness experience also includes admission to a 4 day
‘embodied immersion’ retreat in Hawaii!

If you can’t make it in person to Hawaii that’s ok!

This ‘whole’ personal, interactional, daily, multi-media approach has been shown to double comprehension and skyrocket an embodied understanding from the head to the heart.

“This is the most professionally presented course I have ever done! The resources keep giving me deeper and deeper insights into my ‘inner ok-ness’ despite my difficult past history and experiences, and peace of mind and resourcefulness I didn’t have before this training.”
Michele Kon

This is an accredited Course!

Attendees who successfully complete this course will be awarded a CPD accredited certificate of completion, great for coaches, nurses, teachers or educators who will be credited for their commitment of learning the skills on this training!

CPD is an independent accreditation institution that shows that our course has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality and achieved professional standards.

Outcomes of This Experience

Testimonials on how Wholality helps in many areas of life

Spiritual Expansion

“Through this course, I am having profound oneness experiences and an unconditional inner freedom. I used to be a seeker and try to ‘transcend’ and ‘be.’ Now the seeking has ended, I have fully embraced my ‘whole’ experience including the ebbs and flows as necessary. This has released; a deep unconditional acceptance and freedom within every aspect of my life, a total expansion of  onsciousness and concurrent embracing of my humanness.”
Julian Mann, Author

Healing Trauma

“I had life-long crippling anxiety and self-judgment, so much so I couldn’t leave the house, I would often sink down into depression and self-loathing. I had tried so many things to feel better with no luck. Then on the training Jules introduced myself to the root cause of my suffering and through the body I started to love ‘all’ of me. Now I feel free, I can leave the house, I no longer have the anxiety I used to and I feel whole, worthy, and complete.”
Michelle Sternbuch

Business Creation

“Being a business woman I was looking at ways to up my game. Through this training I learned how to consciously create, how to commune with the field and create from a deeply grounded space, a space of serving others and, I kid you not within 6 months of the training everything I envisaged has happened, every single thing!”
Fawn Miller, Entrepreneur and Life, Fun, and Purpose Coach

The End of Searching

“I have been on some of the most expensive coach trainings in the world and they do not even compare with this- Wholality is worlds apart! I feel so complete, and the feeling of ‘what course is next’ has completely vanished. The search is over. I’m just excited to go out and live this adventure called life!”
Sarah Swanson: Entrepreneur and transformational Coach

Peace Beyond Measure

“This training has dissolved a lifetime of my own erroneous beliefs, stuff that has kept me stuck, stuff that I didn’t even know I was carrying and that I was a slave to! It released a deep unconditional acceptance of ‘all’ of me and a peace beyond measure, not by ‘trying’ to ‘be’ in a certain state. but by a loving acceptance of my wholeness in its entirety. Mind-blowing, profound, and practically helpful in day-to-day living.”
Renee Taintor: Coach and Healer

The end of fear, the key to life

“This training removed so much fear, it was literally the key to life for me. Wholality is a paradigm shift, this is the kind of training that our world needs at this time to change where we seem to be heading and begin to heal on a global scale.”
Tony Coleman: Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of NLP & Hypnotherapy

How does this training work and why?


For four months (16 weeks) attendees will have access to daily ‘embodiment’ videos and resources including audios, contemplations, reflections, meditations and text.

Why? We have found with live trainings people get hit by a lot of feelings or information very quickly- then it often wears off. People also find it hard to commit to times and dates. With our system they get daily resources, that gives a daily embodiment *that doesn’t wear off) and there is no time commitments and attendees can watch at any time.

Personal attention

This training experience includes four one-on-one meetings with your facilitators (you can have more if needed).

Why? Having personal one one-on-one mentoring, guidance, and support, has been shown to accelerate the deep personal transformation that videos and group webinars are unable to accomplish.

Live Interactional webinars

Twice a month there are live webinars where attendees meet and do work in pairs, and in groups, and this also includes live Qs and A’s and presentations on the wholeness.

Why? Studies have shown that when attendees feel connected to a like-minded group, are actively engaged, and connect on a one-to-one level with fellow attendees it literally doubles their comprehension and embodiment of the understanding (as opposed to passively watching someone else talk).

Cutting edge technology

Resources can be accessed on a custom APP and also on a desktop computer. Via the App, attendees can view all resources offline on their phone or other devices. Via the App, attendees can: Watch videos, track their well-being, book one-to-one meetings, and engage in interactive reflections and meditations. This technology gives the attendees an ‘in their pocket guide and support’ (the resources also do not need to be accessed via the app).

Why? Having 24-hour access to the resources at a time that suits you without even needing an internet connection, with interactional resources, has been shown to accelerate one’s embodiment of the understanding, and fits perfectly around their lives, rather than trying to fit their life around the training!

Teach Wholeness!

Attendees who complete the embodiment experience have the option, after the training, to upgrade and become a fully accredited (CPD) and certified ‘Wholality®’ coach/facilitator. They will also be added to our exclusive list of recommended practitioners.

Why? To us, there is no greater gift than reminding others of their unbreakable inner health, seeing life-long habits of behavior fall away, experiencing their heart opening and becoming more compassionate to themselves, others, and the world. PLUS earn an income for doing this, thereby allowing you the financial abundance to remind others as a full-time experience!

An Overview

Every day for 4 months you will receive daily embodiment videos, participate in a monthly one-to-one meeting, and enjoy live interactive webinars twice a month.

This is not a course it is an ‘experience’. An experience that fits around your pre-existing life, no need to jump on a plane, take time off work or weekends away from family. It’s about being IN life not an escape or a transcendence – but ‘wholly’ and authentically being present in your life now.

Before & After

“Before the training, I craved something outside of me to ‘give’ me peace or recognition, leading to staying in unhealthy relationships, and needing others to like me. I had fits of anger and anxiety leading to being suspended from my job.
After the training I am no longer in unhealthy, but healthy relationships, I don’t need anything from anything or anyone outside of me. I finally feel love for myself, I feel worthy and this is trickling down to my son and every area of my life.”
Heidi Wodehouse, Nurse practitioner

Before & After

“Before the training I had no idea that I was living in my head, and not in touch with deeper feelings in my body like love, gratitude, appreciation and caring. I ʻthoughtʼ I was experiencing them but the course opened my heart based emotions and truly helped me love ʻallʼ of me. Now my previous low moods of anxiety and depression now have very little impact on my wellbeing, and now I am ‘open’ I am experiencing more intuition, an appreciation of life and an aliveness all around me and in my body.”
Hilda Rhodes, Coach

I Minute: What is Wholality?

Listen to four of our previous students explain what it means to them

What are the Modules?

Within one rainbow there are different colors (different frequencies of light). Wholality is one power/understanding/source. However, to try and articulate the wholeness it is necessary to explain the different colors of the one rainbow. Using that metaphor we have 4 colors or modules. Each module is an aspect of the ‘whole’ and seamlessly unifies with the other modules. Again, Wholality® is not ‘fitting-together’; different modalities, it is seamlessly unifying them as one.

Nature of Consciousness

In this module we look at the utter unity, totality or wholeness of life itself and how we are all expressions arising from and within the wholeness, to have a completely unique, personal and meaningful experience of life.
Embodied Insight: We have a direct experience of the oneness of life (not just a theoretical idea), an expansion of paradoxically going within and seeing not the interconnectedness of life, but our ‘entangled;’ nature within the whole, often leading to a HUGE drop in self-judgement and the end of searching.
Module 1

Nature Of Experience

In this module we look into the nature of HOW we experience life. How we experience life through our ebbs and flows. How past traumatic experience can arise in the present, and how to lovingly integrate and heal often life-long blocks. This module gives a ‘framework’ as to why we feel like we do, why we act like we act and how we experience like we experience.
Embodied Insight: We finally understand the ‘whole’ nature of how we experience including the body, the nervous system, our intuitive sensitivity and our heartfelt magnetic pull on creation. In essence it allows an unconditional freedom within the human experience.
Module 2

Nature Of Creation

In this module we understand and cultivate the fact that, as Jules says, ‘we are creation with the power to create.’ How we can leverage the hearts magnetic pull to create an energetic frequency that can ‘match’ that which we wish to create into our present reality. We look at the scientific proof of this, as well as learn ‘how’ to consciously create.
Embodied Insight: A total embracing that we can create a wildly beautiful external life, from an internal vibration. A dropping of the blocks that get in the way of this natural expansion and creating not from ‘what do I want’ but from a space of what wants to be created ‘through’ us.
Module 3

Energetic Nature of Life

In this module we understand and cultivate our intuitive sensitivity to ‘download’ or gain information within the field of life to help us practically in our lives to find solutions, to know what actions to take, to ‘sense’ into situations and to expand our consciousness of life itself.
Embodied Insight: We ‘know’ the difference between our ‘gut instinct’ or intuition and mind chatter. We know how to expand our consciousness to see deeper into life situations, we start having more ‘expanded’ experiences of oneness and heart-based empathy.
Module 4

Testimonials from students who did the embodiment then upgraded
to the facilitator/coach training.


“I went from crippling anxiety and self-loathing, not even wanting to be here any more, to true and unconditional inner peace and self-love. It has completely transformed my life and now my work as a coach and therapist, where before I hoped I could help my clients now I know I can. because I ‘see’ them as a whole being and this is transforming my business and my clients lives.”


The training has allowed me to massively reduce judgment and self- criticism, expand my yoga and coaching business and finally answered the ‘big’ questions, like ‘why are we here’ and ‘what is my purpose’ to me it is literally the answer to oneness.

Author, Coach and Speaker

“The unconditional freedom I have uncovered through Wholality has changed everything for me, I now see all experience as just ‘what is’ without judgment, and it has allowed me to be fully authentic with the things I needed to change in my life. The training opens a doorway to a life unburdened by judgment, a true beautiful unconditional freedom.”

Speaker, Coach and Corrections Facilitator

“I have done many trainings, Three Principles, Joe Dispensa, Non-Duality, you name it I have done it! However, I have never done a training that has given me such a profound level of self-love, and self-acceptance and to love myself just the way I am. It took away the guilt and the shame and opened up a place inside of me that was one with the divine, and an ‘ok-ness’ within my human experience.”

What this ‘experience’ is NOT

This course is not about transcending, positive thinking or self-help. Nor about a ‘getting and not getting a something’ or about ‘being-ness’’ nor a ‘true and a false self.’ It is about an unconditional embracing of ‘all’ of ourselves within the often gritty human experience.

Who is this experience for?

The Investment

This four months deeply immersive, personal, and interactional, experience gives you access to the resources for life, and can be used as a springboard to upgrade to an accredited and qualified coach/facilitator.
It can be paid in one, 3 or, 6 installments.
Upon signing up you will receive an email explaining how to access the resources, join the group, and how to access the live webinars.
*This program sells out quickly – Save your spot now!

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Testimonials from students who did the embodiment then upgraded to the facilitator/coach training.

NLP and Hypnotherapist

“I am now able to take my clients to a much deeper, and more profound level of transformation. This has been so successful that I get all my work from referrals now. This training released me from so much fear and utterly changed my life, I don’t know any program that goes this deep and is so profound, but also so practical at the same time!”


“This training has allowed me to hugely expand the results I now get with my clients, a way to articulate and help the ‘whole’ of my clients mind, body, spirit. It has helped not just my clients but me personally embody a whole new level of compassion peace of mind and connection with the spiritual nature of life.”


“I used to be terribly anxious and judgmental and had a really hard time in life. After Wholality® I am no longer fighting my way through my own mind. Life is simpler, I have more peace, and I have stopped overthinking everything! I have been shaken to my core, this has opened up infinity for me, opened doorways that I didn’t know were there, opened up hope and a ‘bigness’ behind life with the gift of being alive.” 


“Most of my life I struggled. I wasn’t happy where I was and always judged life. I tried countless things but nothing worked until I started Wholality®. I embraced life’s inevitable ups and downs rather than fighting them. Where the ‘oneness’ was a nice belief, now I experience it within myself as a deep ‘knowing’. I started to experience life without the heaviness. For the first time I was free, at peace, and able to help others, it was such a gift.”

Healer and Coach

“So many times I have just been blown away to see things in wholeness rather than pieces, and how that directly impacted my second to second living. It has given me peace and comfort beyond understanding. It’s so profound that words do not adequately express the fullness of this course!”

Life, Fun, Purpose Coach

“This course was extraordinarily life-altering, and created HUGE results with my life and for how I now work with my clients. It allowed me to tap into an inner thrive mode, to consciously commune with a power within. I kid you not, within six months of the training, every single thing I wanted for my business and life has happened, every single thing!”

About Innate Evolution

Our company is registered with the CPD an independent accreditation institution that shows that our course has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality and achieved professional standards and benchmarks.

Based in Hawaii, Innate Evolution is our accredited training company that has been certifying coaches and facilitators for over 15 years.

We have helped 10’000s of others uncover more peace of mind and resilience through our public trainings, retreats, and free resources. We work closely with universities, charities, government organizations, corporations, and not-for-profit organizations.

We have had the honor of working internationally with over 40 different populations from disaster survivors, and prison inmates, to school children, and groups in substance abuse recovery.

We have also enjoyed appearing on Radio, TV, in magazines, and in other media outlets that go out to a wide population.

Wholality Training
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