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WEBINAR: 25th June
How Trauma Can Affect Energetic Creation

For anyone interested in creating in life via an energetic intention then this is for you! There is a HUGE missing variable in why the Law Of Attraction (LOA) may not ‘work’ for them. This webinars looks at what that is, and how to move through it with love and presence, allowing us to not create ‘what do I want’ but to create from ‘what wants to be created through me.’

WEBINAR: 2nd July
Uncovering The Spiritual Nature of Life

Did you know that ‘physical life’ is secondary to and created from non-physical forces/energy? Deep embodied insight into the non-physical or spiritual nature of life, has very real life implications for our physical lives of relationships, family and work. This webinars goes deep, to help the attendees get insights into the spiritual ‘before-ness’ igniting a more expansive view on life, ourselves and the universe.

Times for the 25th June and 2nd July free webinars

U.K.: 7:30 PM
EST: 2:30 PM
PST: 11:30 AM
HST: 8.30 AM
NZST: 6.30 AM
AEST: 4.30AM

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