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What is the book about?

This deeply, raw, and profoundly practical book follows the personal stories of incredible life challenges, and how that birthed an unconditional expansion of consciousness – that is possible for all of us.

It unifies many seemingly separate understandings like non-duality, the three principles, and the science of consciousness back to one essence.

Through personal stories, metaphors, contemplations, research, meditations, and insight-based teachings you will re-remember that:
1) You are a powerful creator-being – This book shows you how to create in the ‘world’ via an energetic resonance.
2) You are entangled within a boundless field of wisdom and information – This book will show you how to commune with it.
3)You are already whole and unbroken within, no matter your past – This book shows you how to embody this.
4) You have the capacity to dramatically expand your intuitive sensitivity – this book shows you how.

What other have said


An Evolution In Consciouss

Every once in a while humanity is gifted information that will revolutionize how we see reality and uplift us into new realms of possibility. 'Wholality - The Missing Link to Love' is such a book.
Julian Mann

Everyone Needs This Book

I’ve been reading this amazing book that tells the stories of tragedy, despair, emptiness, and the feelings we have when we feel broken. I love it because it reinforces my beliefs in the power of our minds, energy, love, and of a higher power. If you are questioning your existence, your purpose, and find yourself consumed with self-negative-talk OR. Just want a really ENLIGHTENING read that will make you feel like you can accomplish ANYTHING, this book is for you! We are never broken. We are always whole. Grab a copy and dive in. this could be your life line.
Christine Powell

I Literally Cannot Put This Book Down

I read through the first few chapters in minutes. I literally could not put the book down. The writing is phenomenal. I can see the sights and colors , hear the sounds and feel the raw emotion in the words. I feel like I am in the moment. I feel this book is the answer to what I’ve been seeking to help me heal from trauma. This book is eye opening, healing and transformative. It takes you on a healing journey. I would give it10 Stars if I could. I highly recommend reading it!


Read this daily it will change your life for the better. I love this book, it clarifies such a mass of complicated teachings and studies into one simple understanding.

A New Mindset Paradigm

It joins up the dots in respect of the 3 Principles, Non-Duality, Law of Attraction and so much more. Jules and Rudi bring together in this book the underlying concepts and ideas and simplify them into an easy and logical way and create a new and all-encompassing understanding. Thank you.
The Calm Coach

A Life Changing Read

It's rare to come across a book that can change your life, not just short-term but that has the ability to enhance your world permanently. The authors should be commended for sharing their own painful experiences which have led to them uncovering a universal truth of how we all experience life. Instead of looking at various spiritual teachings (law of attraction, 3 principles, non duality, etc) and trying to work out which one is correct 'Wholality' brings them all together under one roof to give you an understanding that everyone can benefit from. I recommend that you read, absorb and share.
Trevor Drake

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