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This is a historical collection of hundreds of videos showcasing the ‘Three Principles’ understanding and how it has evolved over the years. Feel free to view research on the understanding, transformational stories and numerous interviews, talks and short documentaries as well as a multi language section.

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What Are The 3 Principles?

Part One

Part Two


We want to acknowledge significant people who helped the creation of resources. First of all, none of it would have been possible without Sydney Banks’ original insight, and the pioneer, Dr Roger Mills. Thank you to my beautiful wife Jules Kennard for helping create the newer resource, and to Jenny Anderson who co-created the original resources.

A million thank you(s) along the journey to Gabriella Maldonado, Linda Ramus, Ami Chen Mills Naim, Dr Jack Pransky, Dr Judith Sedgeman, Dr Dicken Bettinger and Coizie, Debbie Trent, Dr George Pransky, and Joe and Michael Bailey. The love and support of Mandy Spray, Sara Priestly, Ann Ross, Beth Soderstrom, Jamie Smart, Peter and Liz Anderson.

Thanks also to our amazing web designers, Susan Wheeler-Hall (SuzyWeb) and Nathan Kreger. A sincere thank you to the many people who financially donated toward our efforts and this resource. Thanks to Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe for your mentoring and lastly, thank you to the million plus people who have viewed the resources so far; we love you all!

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