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Jules, Innate Evolution, UK

I want nothing more than to be of service to others with whatever skills I possess. I want to help bring people back home to love, a love that has never and can never leave them, no matter what happens to them.

Julianne Del Cano-Milstead

In 2014 I experienced a profound shift in my perception of life. This was largely instigated by losing my gorgeous little boy in a custody battle. What should have been a dark night of the soul, turned into the biggest realisation of my life! Out of the blue I deeply recognised that we feel what we think, and there is a fathomless power behind life that myself and everyone else is connected to.

Then within a year my beautiful teenage daughter, Sofia, passed away in a tragic accident. Again, this should have been a terrible time for me, but my earlier realisation moved me to live in a space of surrender, acceptance and love. I was able to speak at my daughter’s memorial service not as a grieving mother, but as someone who longed to offer help and support to the 2000 individuals attending.

In the days, weeks, and months after Sofia’s memorial service, I lived in a state of health and resilience. I received thousands of FaceBook messages asking ‘how are you doing it?’ I spent a lot of time replying to people and doing my best to offer them support, but I found it difficult to articulate what transformed for me.

When I came across the three principles, I found they explained my earlier realisation and gave me the words to explain the unexplainable. They provide me with a way to express what helped me; I now have the ability to convey this message to others in a practical way. I’ve since put my nursing profession aside and work sharing this beautiful understanding with others.


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