Rudi Kennard, Speaker, Innate Evolution, UK

I am not an ‘expert’ in the mind, just an explorer of the nature of consciousness and, I have no need to ‘achieve’ or ‘get’ anything other than the sheer joy exploration. My dream is to create a space and resources that draws out peoples inner genius and return to the heart of life: LOVE.

Rudi Kennard

In 1992 I experienced a profound and spontaneous shift that changed my life. I searched for a way to articulate this to others, and after a decade of studying many philosophies, techniques and approaches, I came across the profoundly simple understanding that I teach now, and have been sharing it since 2004.

During this time I have had the honour of training with 3 Principles originator, Sydney Banks and pioneer Dr. Roger Mills. I have been privileged to train diverse populations such as: Corporate executives, prison inmates, homeless people, school children, addicts, health professionals, earthquake survivors, hospital staff, school teachers, coaches, pre-school children and university students.

I have worked with government-based organizations such as the National Health Service (NHS), charities such as ‘Mind’, and multi national corporations such as Image Source. I have enjoyed presenting at international conferences in over a dozen countries. Since 2012, I have trained others to facilitate this understanding. Recently, I  finished writing my first book and am working towards creating a broadcast quality documentary about the nature of human experience.



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