Authentic Relationships:
Igniting an Inner Wholeness

September 24th and 25th
Optional 26th

What would happen if you didn’t have to be perfect to have a perfect relationship?
What would  happen if you have differences but that didn’t have to make a difference to your love for one another?

This course uncovers an unconditional freedom that helps us weather the inevitable ups and downs of relationships. To navigate through difficult times and appreciate the beautiful times. To fall deeper and deeper into unconditional love with your partner, family, children, friends.

‘Love is the cracks in belief!
Rudi Kennard

This course is a completely fresh perspective on a ‘wholeness’ within relationships that uncovers authenticity, honesty and the courage to truly be ‘yourself’ with your partner or family by connecting to your own unique expression.

Come join married couple Rudi and Jules as we uncover a deep freedom and acceptance of ourselves and our partners that leads to more unconditional love regardless of differences and what may have happened in the past.

“You are not having a relationship with another person.
You are having a relationship with your own perspective of them.”

Your Facilitators

Rudi Kennard

Jules Kennard

Sept. 24 & 25
Optional 26th*

U.K: 4.30 PM – 9.30 PM
EST: 11.30 AM- 4.30 PM
PST: 8.30 AM -1.30 PM
HST: 5.30 AM- 10.30 AM

This weekend event gives a completely different perspective on who ‘we’ are and our own beliefs/expectations in relationships. Working with many other couples over the years we have found that couples:

Start connecting beyond their differences and beliefs
Start respecting and honoring one another
Start deeply loving one another more
Dissolve years worth of resentments and grudges
Less control, manipulation and criticism and more unconditional love

Learning Modules

Seeing Clearly

Relationships with ourselves:
The natural ebb and flow of creation

Understanding the nature of HOW our internal perception of our partners create an external ‘reality’ and getting conscious of how old beliefs and patterns can skew what we see in the world. Understanding this, we become conscious of our internal worlds so we ‘see more clearly’ and experience more beautiful relationships.

Accepting Uniqueness

It’s ok to be different!
Navigating the grittiness of differences

Our partners are going to be different from us, but this does not have to make a difference- unless we think it does! In this module we look into ‘wholeness’ within relationships and how this understanding allows a natural embracing, support and acceptance of our uniqueness.

Navigating Difficulties

Dealing with life challenges as a couple:
Helping couples navigate difficult times

In the last two years we have moved to a new country, started a new business, fought and won a huge court battle, coped with the endless red tape of getting a green-card, suffered health issues, had extreme family challenges, and we work together 24/7! These challenges have not been easy, but there has been an ease in navigating them. This module helps couples navigate challenges in life without it poisoning their love for one another.

Boundless Dimensions

Deepening love and connection:
The endless expansion of love

Opening up a boundless dimension of connection and bliss within relationships. Supporting and embracing one another just as we are and falling deeper in love with one another and life. I (Rudi) personally had no idea that my love for another could go so deep, beyond anything I had experienced before, but this is not just me, it is possible for all of us, as we are all connected to and part of the same source of live- it is just letting it out and into our relationships.

Who is this for?

• Couples who want to genuinely have a better relationship with more love and authenticity
• For individuals who want to have better relationships with their family and friends
• For coaches/therapists who want to help their clients in their relationships

Who are we?

Based in Hawaii, Rudi and Julianne Kennard are authors, international speakers, parents, co-founders of Innate Evolution and a married couple Between them they have experienced difficult life challenges, including the death of a partner and a teenage daughter, homelessness, domestic violence, crippling burnout and bankruptcy.

As a result of the life-changing understanding that emerged from these direct life experiences, they now share what they consider a missing link to resilience and aliveness that enables us to fully embrace the creative nature of life. Jules and Rudi are the originators and authors of the book ‘Wholality®: The Missing Link to Love’ and their accredited training courses and resources have now reached over a million people.

What Others Have Said...

Here are a few testimonials from some of our previous attendees

I could feel myself falling out of the illusion of separateness and back into connection. They both spoke so beautifully, and so clearly, about resonance, the energy field and creation.
Mandy Spray
Absolutely mind expanding! I have never felt so open relaxed and inspired! They make the 'abstract' very concrete and and offer an understandable 'logic' that allows you to embrace and experience the 'mystical in a very normal and ordinary way.
Morten & Tess
I have done many programs and courses in my adulthood, trying to understand more about how life works and I have to say hand on heart this course is the only program where I’ve found the answer all my questions. Thank you so much!
Paul Del Sol

Ready to Join Us?

Sept 24 & 25

$ 155 99
  • One Time Payment

Sept 24, 25 and 26th

$ 450
  • Option for 6 spaces only!
Best Value

'Going Deeper' Day: Optional extra!

The day after the weekend event (Sunday Sept. 26th) we are offering an extra ‘Going deeper’ day. This is for a maximum of 6 people to go deeper into ‘wholeness in relationships’.

It will be a space for us as a small connected group for more personal questions, insights, authentic discussions and honest sharing, to go deeper, more practically and more profoundly into wholeness within relationships. Rudi and Jules will also be able to share more profound or honest stories and experiences than they may not be able to on the weekend event. To join us in going deeper please purchase the second payment option.

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